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Paris Hotels

There are so many different hotels to choose from in Paris that cater for all budgets and circumstances that you will spend a lot of time just deciding which one is going to be best for you, but from different people's experiences, thought we would provide some ideas.

1 Star Paris Hotels

One star hotels in Paris are generally for those wishing to stay in the capital on a budget and although some rooms within the hotels will have their own private bathroom facilities like the Hotel Amarys Simart or the Hotel Little Regina, others will also offer rooms with shared facilities.

A couple of the 1 star hotels that have both private bathrooms and rooms available with shared facilities like toilets and showers include the Port-Royal Hotel and the Hotel des Allies.

Now, not all of the basic hotels provide breakfast as they do not have the facilities available for this so this is something else you may wish to check into prior to booking, but there are also places you can stay that have cooking facilities within the rooms, known as a studio room and one such hotel is called the Residence Hotel Pacific that has a complete kitchen area with fridge, hob, all cooking utensils, etc supplied.

Paris Hotels Guide
Paris Hotels

2 Star Paris Hotels

There are quite a few different types of two star hotel that range in price depending upon where they are situated and the type of facilities they have.

One particular hotel called the Kyriad Hotel has business facilities, meeting rooms, free WiFi and even a restaurant, whereas if you are looking at arriving in Paris by your own transport then you may be looking for a hotel that has a car park and the Delos Vaugirard has parking facilities.

You may like the idea of being within walking distance of the famous Paris landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and if that is the case, then the Hotel de la Motte Picquet is a great choice with its antique furnishings from the King Louis XVI period yet provides up to date facilities including air conditioning, or perhaps you are travelling to Paris as a family.  Well if that is the case, then the 2 Star Hotel Cactus is a great choice as they can accommodate up to six people in a family suite.

Because Paris is a very historical city with many old buildings, you will find that lots of these buildings have been converted into hotels, yet there are lots that have been fully renovated and modernised to include lifts for those that are less able, or of course those of us that are just plain lazy to negotiate flights of stairs!!  But there are also hotels within this romantic city of lights that have rooms dedicated for the disabled and one such hotel is the Hotel de la Paix Tour Eiffel.

3 Star Paris Hotels

When it comes to the three star hotels, again, these range in price depending upon their location and the facilities they have, but you will actually find there are more 3 star hotels in Paris than any other ratings so you have a far wider choice to cater exactly for your needs.

Throughout Europe you do not find many hotels that provide tea and coffee making facilities within a room and Paris is no exception.  So if you like winding in to the day with a nice cuppa before contemplating breakfast, then check through the information carefully, as most hotels in Europe that do provide this service will like to make a point of the fact that they do provide this additional facility.

Best Western are a well known chain of hotels and the 3 star Hotel Best Western Eiffel Segur along with the Hotel Duminy Vendome both have tea and coffee making facilities within the rooms.

If you cannot do without taking your laptop with you, then there are numerous hotels that now provide WiFi and internet access, but this is something you do have to look into quite carefully when deciding upon which hotel you would like to stay at.

You see, some advertise they have WiFi, but internet access is only available in common areas, such as a dedicated terminal or maybe only accessible at reception and in the lounge area, whereas other hotels state that you can gain internet access within your room.  However, you also have to check as to whether this is free or not as some hotels do charge an additional fee per hour or day for this facility.

Just a very small selection of the hotels that include free internet access within your room include the Hotel Choiseul Opera, le 20 Prieure, the Hotel Jardin de Villiers and the hotel called le Clos Medicis.

4 Star Paris Hotels

There are some fabulous four star hotels in Paris and many of these will have room service facilities, not just for breakfast served to your room, but also other snacks and even hot meals served to your room throughout the day and evening.

The Hotel Atala and the Hotel Mayfair Paris are two such hotels that offer this facility along with the Amarante Beau Manoir, but this also has a fitness room in case you want to work off a few extra pounds from over indulging, as does the Astor Saint Honore 4 star Paris hotel.

Most four star hotels will have their own restaurant and will combine luxury with comfort and style, yet normally have those little extra touches that you get to appreciate with more attentive service and refinement.

And after all, it is logical, as you are getting towards the top end of hotels in Paris unless you want the real luxury of the 5 star plus with famous names such as the incredible Ritz hotel or the Plaza Athenee, but of course these do have a price tag to match.

Also with both 4 and 5 star hotels in Paris you will find that there are suites available where you can have a separate lounge area, etc.  Plus, the higher the hotel is rated, normally means the larger the room, and unfortunately, this is something you do have to be careful about, as Paris is notorious for small hotel rooms, so beware!

Well, we hope that this has given you a little insight into the types of hotels available within this diverse city, but please do bear in mind that good planning and a lot of research are the main things, so as to get the most out of your stay in Paris.

Hotels In Paris

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