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Transport and Tours In Paris France

With numerous flights to Paris from airports all over the world and the amount of cheap flights to Paris now available this is an incredible place to visit, but getting around any major city can be a daunting prospect.  Yet with the network of different services in place that you can utilise, from buses to boats and trains to cycles, this makes for pleasant and convenient ways to see the many tourist attractions and landmarks in Paris.

Exploring and Travelling around Paris

Eurostar Channel Tunnel Crossing
Eurostar is a great way of getting from the United Kingdom to Paris if you do not wish to take your car abroad, and for many it is a more pleasant experience than flying, plus it does not have the same restrictions.

Paris Charms and Secrets Tours
Paris Charms and Secrets is a guided tour around Paris, but instead of the usual walking or mini bus tours, you actually travel around to the different sites on an electric bike and visit some very unusual places.

V?lib' Self-Service Bicycle Scheme In Paris
Paris now has a bicycle scheme called the V?lib' Self-Service Bicycle, and thousands of local and tourists are now using this service every day, which is also a great way to see the city sights.

Cruising Along The River Seine in France
Several companies offer tours on the River Seine if it be during the day and some also offer tours in the evening as well.

Batobus Water Bus In Paris France
The Batobuses are an unusual, yet great way of getting to some of the main areas around Paris and you are on the water rather than land!

Les Car Rouges Buses In Paris France
The Car Rouges Buses are open topped double decker buses that take a set route around Paris stopping at the main tourist attractions.

L'OpenTour Buses In Paris France
There are double decker buses that are bright yellow and green, which are tour buses that operate in Paris, and are called L'OpenTour.

Bateau-Mouches Tourist Boats on the River Seine
You can still have pleasure trips on one of the Bateaux-Mouches, from the original company, but now other tour operators also have vessels called Bateaux-Mouches, for tourists to travel up and down the River Seine.

Pari Roller Skaters in Paris France
Pari Roller is a weekly touring ride of roller skaters, skate boarders and roller bladers, who skate though Paris every Friday night.

Paris Film Tours

Paris Film Trails Overview
Did you realise that there are around 600 different film shoots that take place in Paris and at different locations in the surrounding area every year?

Ratatouille Film Trail in Paris
The Ratatouille movie is based upon a rat called Remy who dreams of becoming a French chef, but there are very obvious reasons why this could be a very hard profession to get into.

The Devil Wears Prada Film Trail in Paris
If you like fashion and enjoyed the film Devil Wears Prada, then this little guide is a great way to follow the movie as it takes you to different sites around Paris that were featured in the film.

La Vie en Rose Edith Piaf film tour in Paris
The film trail of Edith Piaf starts at Boulevard Lannes, where you can see a small plaque on the wall at number 67, which is where she lived for the last few years of her life.

Transport and Tours In Paris France
Paris Film Tours

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