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French Wines From France

Wine is a great national treasure of France and is rooted in history and there are around half a million vineyards in France which cover an area of approximately two and half million acres, which produce on an average around ten billion 70cl bottles of wine each year!

French Wines

Wines From France and Wine Tasting
Wine is a great national treasure of France and an integral part of French culture, with around half a million vineyards in France.

Wine Regions in France
There are numerous different wine growing areas in France and lets face it, you cannot contemplate going on holiday to France without experiencing some of French wines.

Expensive Wines from France
To give you a quick idea, a bottle of Petrus vintage can cost around ?500 plus, while the Romanee Conti can cost anything upwards of a ?1,000 for just one bottle

Mus?e du Vin - Wine Museum In Paris France
Mus?e du Vin was established in 1984 and is, as you probably guessed, a museum all about one of the French people's main passion, wine.

Tour d'Argent and its Wine Cellars
Incredibly the Tour d'Argent holds around 400,000 bottles within its cellars, with some very rare collectors items for connoisseurs and examples of fine vintages that would cost absolutely thousands a bottle.

Wines From Various Regions in France

French Wine From Corsica
Corsica, although part of France is an island off of the French coast and it is often referred to as Li?le de beaute or the beautiful island.

French Wine From The Bordeaux Region
The Bordeaux area in France is classed as one of the most important wine regions and is probably the most well known after Champagne.

Champagne Wine Region in France
The Champagne wine region, which is around 100km from Paris, and is best known for its production of the sparkling wine that is called champagne.

Cotes de Provence Wine
The Cotes de Provence wine region is a large area that covers the Cote d'Azur from Marseille to Nice and is famous for the ros? wines.

Cotes du Rhone Wine
The Cote du Rhone wine region is an area that stretches on both banks of the River Rhone, and was the first region in France to produce wine.

Languedoc-Roussillon Wine
The wine growing area of Languedoc-Roussillon is one of the largest areas planted to vines in the world and actually comprises two distinct regions.

French Wine From The Loire Valley Region
The Loire Valley, often known as the garden of France, is famous for its white wines and is referred to as the most beautiful wine region in France.

French Wine From The Alsace Region in France
Each area has a specific wine classification, the grand cru is known as the best wine produced, just as the name Cremant d'Alsace is a well known sparkling wine.

Burgundy Wine from Burgundy Region of France.
Although "Burgundy" means red, the Burgundy region produces both white wines and red wines, with Beaujolais being the last district in the Burgundy wine region, which produces one of the most famous wines.

Cognac from the Poitou Charentes Region of France
Cognac is named after the town of Cognac in France, is a brandy produced in the region surrounding the town, and must be made from at least 90% Ugni Blanc.

French Wines From France
Wines From France

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