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Bistros and Brasseries In Paris

The brasseries are places where most people will go for a quick bite to eat, yet a typical Bistro experience is something virtually everyone will do when they visit France, and Paris has a great variety to choose from.  Although they may not have the same plush interiors as many restaurants, the cuisine is still of excellent quality, usually prepared with the local produce and there are some very good value three course meals on offer.

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Bistros and Brasseries

Allard Bistro Family Restaurant In Paris
This cosy and traditional bistro has seen its fair share of celebrities who like the traditional feel and the traditional French food that this place serves.

La Butte Chaillot Bistro Restaurant In Paris
This bistro has a Michelin star chef and with its modern glass frontage that makes an instant impression against the tree-lined avenue, it is a place that has gained a reputation for innovation and style.

Benoit Bistro In Paris
Benoit is renowned for its warm, friendly, atmosphere so typical of a family business and this is the only bistro in Paris to be listed in the Michelin Guide with a one Michelin star.

Aux Lyonnais French Bistro In Paris
Still offering a style of cooking based on the very best regional produce from the Lyon area of France like pike, crayfish, frogs etc.

Boeuf sur le Toit Brasserie In Paris
The Boeuf sur le Toit is a famous brasserie in an art deco style with wood panelling, paintings, engraved mirrors, a large mahogany bar and a marble entrance that has seafood piled onto crushed ice on display.

Le Repaire de Cartouche Bistro In Paris
Cartouche was nicknamed after a legendary thief who roamed the Paris and the Repaire de Cartouche restaurant is named after him, as this was one of the places he stayed at before he was caught and then executed.

Le Soleil Bistro Family Restaurant In Paris
This bistro type restaurant is officially known as Le Soleil - Cuisine pour chineurs gourmands at the Flea Market in Saint-Ouen and Le Soleil is a very popular place for lunch.

Bofinger Brasserie Restaurant In Paris
This restaurant today occupies a large part of the Rue de la Bastille, and is recognisable through its red awnings outside, but inside you can still see the dark polished wood, shining brass and comfortable dining areas.

Au Bon Accueil Bistro and Family Restaurant In Paris
This traditional bistro was opened over twenty years and was re-vamped in 2003 and turned into an elegant bistro type restaurant that now attracts even more people than ever.

Pinxo Brasserie Restaurant In Paris
Pinxo is a Michelin rated restaurant that is a reasonably priced brasserie that has a casual atmosphere in a modern style with black and white decor and a bar that looks onto the kitchen.

Chez Georges Bistro In Paris
Chez Georges serves la cuisine bourgeoise, which is also known as comfort food and you can expect traditional French cuisine delights.

Senderens Bistro Restaurant In Paris
Senderens menu offers new twists on classic French cuisine, with an Asian influence but some of the dishes available include roasted duck with honey and spices, lobster from Brittany etc.

Wadja Bistro and Restaurant In Paris
Situated in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris this restaurant is a cross between being simple yet sophisticated and is an extremely friendly place.

Casa Olympe Bistro and Restaurant in Paris
Dominique Versini is better known as Olympe and is one of the very few female chefs that has become an acclaimed chef with celebrity status and has now written four cook books.

Le Rubis Wine Bar and Bistro In Paris
Le Rubis is probably without a doubt the best known wine bar in Paris and offers an extensive wine list along with some traditional French snacks or bristo style meals.

Jet Lag Restaurant In Paris
Jet Lag is an American style bistro restaurant and bar that is situated in the Les Halles area and is a place that has many different moods through its unique position where it sits on two entirely different streets. 

Fish La Boissonnerie Bistro In Paris
Fish la Boissonnerie is a small Wine Bar and Bistro that is situated on the Left Bank of the River Seine in the 6th arrondissement of Paris.

Natacha Bistro In Paris
Natacha is in the Montparnasse area of Paris, and has a cosy, warm decor with its red velvet bench seats, traditional wooden chairs and tables with white tablecloths, subtle lighting, and lots of paintings and prints.

Cristina's Tapas and Restaurant in Paris
At Cristina's the ground floor and the vaulted basement areas are mainly for tapas and for quick bites to eat, whereas upstairs on the first floor there is a lovely calm and relaxed restaurant atmosphere.

Le Bistrot de Marius Bistro In Paris
The Bistrot de Marius is an excellent bistro with a relaxed atmosphere that specialises in seafood, so if you like the idea of exceedingly fresh fish and shellfish expertly prepared but without the high cost then this is the place.

The Frog at Bercy Village Bar in Paris
The Frog at Bercy Village is actually the largest out of all of the FrogPubs in the chain and is following on from the fantastic success of the Frog and Rosbif, which was the first one to be opened in Paris.

Bistrot d'a Cote Flaubert Bistro In Paris
This was the first bistro that was opened by the famous chef Michel Rostang and is located in an old epicerie, or spice shop, which is right next door to the haute cuisine restaurant that is named after himself.

L'Absinthe Bistro In Paris
The L'Abisinthe has been a bistro for many years, but was taken over by the Michel Rostang Group and is now known as a Rostang Father and Daughters restaurant in Paris.

Bistros and Brasseries In Paris
Brasseries and Bistros in Paris

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