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Boeuf sur le Toit Brasserie In Paris

The Boeuf sur le Toit is a famous brasserie in an art deco style with wood panelling, paintings, sculptures, engraved mirrors, a large mahogany bar and a marble entrance that has seafood piled onto crushed ice on display.

With its immaculate white tablecloths, porcelain produced from the Limousin region, which is famous for its beautiful crockery and the silver cutlery, the five dining rooms here play host to some of the top celebrities and influential people from around the world.

Boeuf sur le Toit

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Boeuf sur le Toit Brasserie In Paris

The Boeuf sur le Toit was first established in 1922 by Louis Moyses, and originally it was located on Rue Boissy d'Anglas, but then moved to Rue de Penthievre and then in 1941 it moved again to its present location which is on the Rue du Colisee.

This brasserie is now part of the Groupe Flo chain that owns numerous other restaurants in Paris such as the Bofinger and Le Boeuf sur le Toit is situated only a short walk from the famous Avenue de Champs Elysees in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris.

With its famous black metal sign and its elegance, people meet up here for a lunch at the bar or to take time out and enjoy a glorious seafood platter on the mezzanine, plus there is even a doorman at a lunch time and in the evening from a Tuesday to a Saturday. 

Over the years it has been mentioned in books such as Billy Kl?ver's book A Day With Picasso, purely because people like Pablo Picasso, Maurice Chevalier and numerous other famous people were regulars here.

Le Boeuf sur le Toit serves excellent very well prepared and classic French cuisine, with dishes such as sea bream in sesame sauce or duck breast in honey and ginger that are just a couple of the specialities on offer, but whatever you choose, you will not be disappointed.

When it comes to late evening there is a livelier atmosphere and if you decide to eat late, then there are often discounts on certain menu options, because the food such as the shellfish would have to be disposed of if not consumed that night.

Restaurant Guide Key Points

The Boeuf sur le Toit is open every day of the week from noon to 3pm for lunch and from 7pm through to 1am for dinner.

This restaurant in Paris is suitable for all the family but do please remember that smart dress is required.

An ? la Carte menu is around 50€ upwards without drinks, however there are also other options available, including a children's menu. 

The Boeuf sur le Toit formula menu is 25€ and you can choose a starter and main course or a main course and dessert, which is available any day except on a Sunday or on national holidays.

The Faim de Nuit menu is 20.50€ where you can choose a starter and a main course is available late every evening from 10.30pm.

The nearest Metro station is Saint-Philippe du Roule, however the next closest and by the Champs Elysees is the Franklin-D.Roosevelt.

Address & Contact Details:

Boeuf sur le Toit
34 Rue Colis?e

Telephone: 1 53 93 65 55
Fax: 1 53 96 02 32

Boeuf sur le Toit Brasserie

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