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Guide To Restaurants In Paris France

After wine, the next favourite pass time in France is enjoying the fantastic French food and with so many different restaurants to choose from, along with different types of food to experience like the famous croissants or foie gras the French cuisine can cater for most, but what about something a little different, like eating out in Paris at a Japanese restaurant enhanced with the passion that the French have for their food, this can only be an experience that you will never forget, which we wish we could replicate at home!

Restaurant guide and places to eat in Paris (P1)

Restaurant Dining - Restaurants with Shows - Bistros and Brasseries
Cafes and Tea Rooms - Bars and NightClubs

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Altitude 95 Restaurant at the Eiffel Tower Paris
Do you fancy eating at the Altitude 95 restaurant situated on the first floor of the most famous and most visit monument in Paris, the Eiffel Tower.

Le Jules Verne Restaurant In Paris
Jules Verne is a one-star Michelin restaurant that is located on the second level of the most famous monument in France, the Eiffel Tower.

Tour d'Argent Restaurant In Paris
The Tour d'Argent restaurant is probably the most well known place to dine in France, if not throughout the world and is also the oldest restaurant in Paris that started out way back in the 16th century.

  -  Tour d'Argent and Canard au Sang Duck Cuisine
  -  Tour d'Argent and its Wine Cellars
  -  Tour d'Argent Petit Musee de la Table
  -  History of the Tour d'Argent Restaurant

Taillevent Restaurant In Paris
This beautiful restaurant is still family owned and run by Jean-Claude Vrinat, the Son of Andre, back in 1973, which is when they received their third Michelin star and has become a world renowned place to dine in luxury.

The Music Hall Paris
The Music Hall is a trendy and gastronomic restaurant situated in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris and was created back in 2005 by the actor, singer, DJ and show leader Valerio Berkovics, serving quality food.

OZU Restaurant and Bar-Lounge Club In Paris
Within Cineaqua aquarium, you will find a restaurant and lounge-bar called Ozu, where the finest Japanese cuisine meets French refinement.

Le Ciel de Paris Restaurant
Le Ciel de Paris has panoramic views from the restaurant, which is 200 metres high and is actually the highest restaurant in the whole of Europe.

Musée du Vin Museum Wine Tasting and Restaurant
Musée du Vin was established in 1984 and is, as you probably guessed, a museum all about one of the French people's main passion, wine.

Hard Rock Café in Paris
The Hard Rock Café chain has become very well known throughout the world for its memorabilia from rock and roll legends that cover the walls.

Le Curieux Spaghetti Bar In Paris
The Curieux Spaghetti Bar stands out from other restaurants in Paris, as it has its wall paper and wall decorations changed around every two months.

Barrio Latino Nightclub and Restaurant in Paris
This is a restaurant and a nightclub that is sprawled out over four floors, and on the second floor you will find a restaurant catering to Latin dishes.

Le Grand Vefour Haute Cuisine Restaurant
The Grand Vefour haute cuisine restaurant is well over 200 years and has got to be, without a doubt, one of the most romantic restaurants in Paris.

Buddha Bar Nightclub and Restaurant in Paris
This restaurant has a two storey dining area with rich mahogany furniture, Chinese and Japanese art, wood panelling and a giant statue of Buddha.

Brasil Tropical Cabaret Club Bar & Restaurant
This particular club offers a variety of evening entertainment where you can also enjoy the incredible traditional Brazilian cuisine with Salsa music.

Tokyo Eat Restaurant In Paris
The Tokyo Eat is a restaurant that is situated within a museum and is a very modern trendy restaurant of Paris with the fusion food sometimes being a bit crazy, yet tasty with strong French and Asian influences.

Le 1515 was the World Place Restaurant
The 1515 has a vast area and is an ideal venue for private celebrations, banquets, weddings along with corporate events - basically any type of get-together that you could possibly think of.

The Ice Kube, Kube Rooms, Bars and Restaurant
The Ice Kube is a very unusual bar, which is actually made out of ice and is the very first ice bar and restaurant in Paris.

MCM Cafe Bar and Club In Paris
The MCM Cafe is a large bar and club that features up and coming music bands playing live plus they have DJ's and also music videos.

Spoon Food & Wine Restaurant In Paris
Alain Ducasse a Michelin six star chef has incorporated different tastes and styles from around the world whilst still utilising the finest ingredients within the restaurant Spoon Food and Wine in Paris.

Train Bleu Restaurant In Paris
The Train Bleu is situated above the Gare de Lyon Railway station in Paris and is a great place to enjoy traditional French cuisine.

  -  History of the Train Bleu Restaurant In Paris

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Restaurants in Paris
Eating In Paris

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