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Paris Restaurants In France

Eating out in Paris will be a experience you will never forget, all you need to do is select the right place, and with vast variety of different types of food, from have croissants in a café or bar, to eating snails or frog legs, or for the more traditional you can try one of the American or British restaurants.

Restaurant guide and places to eat in Paris (P5)

Restaurant Dining - Restaurants with Shows - Bistros and Brasseries
Cafes and Tea Rooms - Bars and NightClubs

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Marius et Janette Restaurant In Paris
The Marius et Janette is a seafood restaurant that has a reputation for providing very high quality well prepared fish dishes in simple preparations with an interior setting that is designed like the inside of a yacht.

Le Carre Des Feuillants Restaurant In Paris
Le Carre Des Feuillants is a prestigious haute cuisine restaurant, with four dining rooms in tones of off-white, black and beige, which can be modified into private dining areas and they overlook an interior courtyard.

Gerard Besson Restaurant In Paris
Gerard Besson is an incredible chef who has always preferred the traditional French cuisine which is reflected in the menu of his gourmet restaurant, which, you have guessed it, is called Gerard Besson.

Joe Allen Bar And Restaurant In Paris
Joe Allen is an American bar and restaurant, that always has a daily special for a very reasonable cost, and when it comes to the bar, you can obviously get the French wines but also enjoy cocktails and beer such as Stella.

The Frog and Rosbif In Paris
The Frog and Rosbif is an English bar that was first established back in 1993 and has a lively yet typically British Pub atmosphere, where they serve their own brewed beers, plus pub food.

The Frog and Princess Bar in Paris
This bar is designed in such a way as to make it feel like a very traditional English pub and is probably one of the most happening and exciting bars in Paris that gets extremely busy, especially with the ex-pats and students.

The Frog at Bercy Village Bar in Paris
The Frog at Bercy Village is actually the largest out of all of the FrogPubs in the chain and is following on from the fantastic success of the Frog and Rosbif, which was the first one to be opened in Paris.

The Frog and British Library Bar in Paris
The Frog and British Library is another of the chain of bars known as FrogPubs and opened as a result of the outstanding success of the original Frog and Rosbif, which is basically designed like an English pub.

  -  History and Expansion of the FrogPubs in France
  -  The FrogPubs Beers, Stouts and Largers

La Villa Corse Rive Gauche Restaurant In Paris
La Villa Corse Rive Gauche basically translates to The Corsican Villa Left Bank and relates to where this restaurant is situated in relation to the River Seine and is the original Villa Corse

La Villa Corse Rive Droite Restaurant In Paris
La Villa Corse Rive Droite is a restaurant that serves authentic Corsican cuisine and the food from this region in France has a long history with a large influence from its past such as from the Romans.

Le Zyriab Restaurant In Paris
The Zyriab is a restaurant that serves Lebanese cuisine and is owned and run by the well respected Noura group, which can be found above the Institute du Monde Arabe or IMA as it is also known.

Noura Montparnasse Restaurant In Paris
The Montparnasse restaurants serves Lebanese cuisine, and is the original restaurant opened up by the Noura Group in Paris.

The Café Maure de la Mosquée In Paris
Café Maure de la Mosquée is a North African cafe and tea room that is located within La Grande Mosquee de Paris and serves wonderful traditional pastries and mint teas.

Aux Portes de l'Orient Restaurant In Paris
The Aux Portes de l'Orient is a restaurant that has a North African, Islamic style feel and is quite aptly situated within the oldest mosque in France.

Bistrot d'a Cote Flaubert Bistro In Paris
This was the first bistro that was opened by the famous chef Michel Rostang and is located in an old epicerie, or spice shop, which is right next door to the haute cuisine restaurant that is named after himself.

La Casbah Restaurant In Paris
This restaurant, bar and nightclub in Paris has a Moroccan theme with traditionally prepared Eastern dishes and a decor to match in this chic and trendy place that attracts a younger crowd.

L'Absinthe Bistro In Paris
The L'Abisinthe has been a bistro for many years, but was taken over by the Michel Rostang Group and is now known as a Rostang Father and Daughters restaurant in Paris.

Le Chari Restaurant In Paris
Le Chari restaurant is based upon African cuisine and has an authentic feel that makes this place unique in Paris, with fine dining and chic ambience yet a very easy going feel that makes it perfect for a relaxed evening.

La Cave des Cordeliers Restaurant In Paris
The Cave des Cordeliers is a restaurant serving refined traditional French cuisine but this venue also has a lively musical atmosphere with performances by a live band.

Le Divellec Haute Cuisine Restaurant
The Divellec is known for La Cuisine de la Mer, or cuisine of the sea as it translates to, and this is an up market haute cuisine restaurant that serves some of the best seafood available in Paris.

Michel Rostang Haute Cuisine Restaurant
And although Michel Rostang is a Michelin starred haute cuisine restaurant, it still manages to maintain a warm, friendly and family style atmosphere.

Montparnasse 25 Gourmet Restaurant In Paris
This gourmet restaurant has an elegant and luxurious setting that takes you back in time to the Roaring Twenties with a silver and black lacquered colour scheme, crisp white tablecloths.

Paris Bodéga Restaurant In Paris
The Paris Bodega bar, nightclub and restaurant is actually located in an imposing former bank covering over 900m2 that is spread over 2 levels forming a single space with a ceiling height of 8m.

Saint Cyr Palace Nightclub And Restaurant In Paris
Saint Cyr Palace is a restaurant, a bar and a nightclub all rolled into one and if you want to get away from the typical French cuisine and try something different, then this restaurant has got be on your list.

Wok Cooking Restaurant In Paris
At the Wok Cooking Restaurant, you actually choose the ingredients to be cooked and these are prepared in a wok along with a sauce of your choice, all cooked and served right in front of you.

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Paris Restaurants In France
Restaurants In Paris

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