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Paris Restaurants In France

Eating out in one of the many Paris restaurants or bistros, cafes and brasseries, can be a experience you will never forget, but these do range from having a simple sandwich to eating at one of the haute cuisine restaurants, so some prior research is always advisable.

Restaurant guide and places to eat in Paris (P4)

Restaurant Dining - Restaurants with Shows - Bistros and Brasseries
Cafes and Tea Rooms - Bars and NightClubs

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Barracao Bar and Restaurant in Paris
Le Barracao is a laid back place, which always has a jam-packed bar at the front with a restaurant to the rear that serves traditional cuisine from Brazil.

Maceo Restaurant and Bar In Paris
Maceo was named after James Brown's saxophone player Maceo Parker and this comfortable, elegant bar and restaurant has a Salon Bar with the chef producing some remarkable cuisine.

Willi's Wine Bar and Restaurant In Paris
Willi's wine bar and restaurant is unusual and revolutionary place has become very popular both with the Parisians and tourists alike, yet this is not just known as a wine bar, but also for the food they serve.

Benoit Bistro In Paris
Benoit is renowned for its warm, friendly, atmosphere so typical of a family business and this is the only bistro in Paris to be listed in the Michelin Guide with a one Michelin star.

Casa Olympe Bistro and Restaurant in Paris
Dominique Versini is better known as Olympe and is one of the very few female chefs that has become an acclaimed chef with celebrity status and has now written four cook books.

404 Restaurant In Paris
The 404 Restaurant was actually named after the Peugeot 404, and has a lovely Morrocan feel with its carvings that cover the windows, exposed beams, intricate ironwork and lots of cushions.

Andy Wahloo Moroccan Bar and Nightclub
Andy Wahloo is a Moroccan bar that has been created by Akim and Mourad Mazouz who are the people behind London's Momo and Sketch and has become a very hip interesting and unusual place to hang out.

Citrus Etoile Restaurant In Paris
The Citrus Etoile is a restaurant owned and run by the chef Gilles Epie, who was the youngest Michelin star chef at the age of 22 and his American wife and former model, Elizabeth who will greet you in the dining room.

Le Plomb du Cantal Restaurant In Paris
Le Plomb du Cantal has a rustic feel and is located in the middle of the bustling district of Montparnasse with its many theatres and restaurants.

Le Sancerre Wine Bar In Paris
Le Sancerre has been a family run business wine bar that specialises in Sancerre wine, but not just the popular white, but also the red wines that are Pinot Noirs and have a slightly rustic yet intense fruity aroma.

Marc Mitonne Restaurant In Paris
The Marc Mitonne restaurant not only serve some great French food, but also has lots of different types of entertainment for you to enjoy such as magicians, singers, comedians, cabarets, etc.

Jet Lag Restaurant In Paris
Jet Lag is an American style bistro restaurant and bar that is situated in the Les Halles area and is a place that has many different moods through its unique position where it sits on two entirely different streets. 

Le Quincy Restaurant In Paris
This is one of those places that Parisians try to keep to themselves as it is off the beaten path with a welcoming, warm and cosy atmosphere, with a cheerful, friendly and fun owner who surprisingly does speak English.

Le Train de Vie Jewish Restaurant In Paris
Le Train de Vie translates to The Train of Life and is unique in Paris, as it is a Jewish restaurant serving Yiddish and Eastern European cuisine in a warm and welcoming atmosphere with bright and traditional interior.

Fish La Boissonnerie Bistro In Paris
Fish la Boissonnerie is a small Wine Bar and Bistro that is situated on the Left Bank of the River Seine in the 6th arrondissement of Paris.

Flora Danica Caf? and Restaurant In Paris
Flora Danica is a Danish restaurant that has two dining rooms inside which seats around 120 people, but outside there is a lovely terrace that will seat even more people, with beautiful greenery and flowers.

Natacha Bistro In Paris
Natacha is in the Montparnasse area of Paris, and has a cosy, warm decor with its red velvet bench seats, traditional wooden chairs and tables with white tablecloths, subtle lighting, and lots of paintings and prints.

Harry's New York Bar In Paris
A Scottish expatriate named Harry MacElhone, took over the New York Bar in 1923 and added his name to the front, which is when it became a Paris landmark and has now become one of the most famous bars in the world.

Mori Venice Bar In Paris
Started when an old drug store in Paris was purchased by Giorgio Armani, who decided he wanted a restaurant, and since then the Emporio Armani Cafe has become one of the best Italian restaurants in Paris.

Procope Caf? in Paris
Procope was founded way back in 1686 by Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli and is oldest operating cafe in the world, also it has welcomed numerous famous people such as Voltaire and Benjamin Franklin, over the years.

The Jacquemart-Andr? Caf? In Paris
The Jacquemart-Andr? Caf? is a wonderfully elegant old-style tea room which has got to be classed as one of the most outstanding settings in Paris where you can sit gazing at the beautiful tapestries.

La Mar?e Restaurant In Paris
This particular restaurant provides a place of elegance and is decorated like a Tudor inn with its lead windows, traditional upholstery and 17th century Flemish tapestries, which is befitting of a top table restaurant.

Cristina's Tapas and Restaurant in Paris
At Cristina's the ground floor and the vaulted basement areas are mainly for tapas and for quick bites to eat, whereas upstairs on the first floor there is a lovely calm and relaxed restaurant atmosphere.

Le Bistrot de Marius Bistro In Paris
The Bistrot de Marius is an excellent bistro with a relaxed atmosphere that specialises in seafood, so if you like the idea of exceedingly fresh fish and shellfish expertly prepared but without the high cost then this is the place.

Au Vieux Paris Restaurant
The Au Vieux Paris is a quaint, romantic restaurant that is located in a very old building that dates back to 1512 when it was built as school and at first glance it just looks like an old house like many others in the same area.

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Paris Restaurants In France
Restaurants In Paris

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