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Le Train de Vie Jewish Restaurant In Paris

Le Train de Vie translates to The Train of Life and is unique in Paris, as it is a Jewish restaurant serving Yiddish and Eastern European cuisine in a warm and welcoming atmosphere with bright and traditional interior that has numerous antique photos on the walls.

Yiddish was the language of Ashkenazi Jews of Yiddishland, which was the geographical area extending from the Baltic to the Black Sea, Poland and Lithuania to Romania and the Ukraine and the food was full of soul and followed the Jewish calendar.

The Ashkenazi culture, primarily related to the origin to Judaism, covered all aspects of a vibrant Jewish life and the nostalgia encompassed from the traditional cuisine and its culture evokes many memories of the past that could well have been forgotten if it were not for this restaurant in Paris.

Le Train de Vie

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Le Train de Vie Jewish Restaurant In Paris

Situated in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, Le Train de Vie offers everyone the chance to not only experience the traditional cuisine, but also discover Yiddish songs, gypsy and klezmer music along with the Jewish traditions including their specific festivals like sabbath and other holidays.

You can discover dishes such as Gefilte Fish (stuffed carp), Geakte Leiber (chopped chicken livers), Goulash (meat simmered with onions), Klops (beef meatballs), the Krepleh broth or apple cake and cinnamon, which are all major specialities of the Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine.

The meat dishes are prepared without mixing dairy and meat according to tradition and the cheese desserts are prepared in an oven without contact with meat, again according to tradition.

If you like experiencing something different, then this has got to be one of the more unusual restaurants in Paris, where you can also experience a festive, cultural evening on a Friday and the evening of Jewish holidays when you will be served The Tchoulent (Dish of Shabbat), which is a beef stew simmered with potatoes and beans.

On a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening at 9.30pm you can get to experience Gypsy music and Yiddish songs in the cellar, whereas of a weekday afternoon they hold discussions, debates, performances, etc.

Le Train de Vie is open for lunch and dinner and have set menus in place or you can choose the A la Carte option, with dishes such as The Great Plate Train of Life, which includes livers, poultry, chopped salad of boiled eggs, eggplant caviar, caviar pepper, black radishes, pickles and ikre served with baguel for 15€.

In the Marais area of Paris, this establishment has become almost like an embassy for Yiddish and Ashkenazi cuisine, language, traditions and culture that is open for everyone to enjoy.

Restaurant Guide Key Points

This restaurant is suitable for all ages and children are welcome.

There is no particular dress code, although smart casual is recommended.

As far as we are aware Le Train de Vie is closed on a Monday, so it would be advisable to check on the opening times and days.

They have different options available for both lunch and an evening meal:

Formulas du Midi is a set lunch option which is available at lunchtime except on Saturdays Sundays and holidays.  You can choose from the Small Plate Train of Life plus the Plat du Jour or the Plat du Jour and Dessert of the Day.  Or you can opt for the Small Plate Train of Life as a starter plus the Plat du Jour, plus the Dessert of the Day for only around 20€.

The Evening Menu is either two courses consisting of the Plat du Jour and a Dessert or you can opt for the three courses, which is a starter or soup plus the Plat du Jour and a dessert for around 28€.

If you do decide to choose the A la Carte option, then this is approximately 10€ extra per person.

Also, if you want to see some of the shows that are held downstairs in the cellar, then a entrance fee is required.

Address & Contact Details:

Le Train de Vie
17 Rue des Ecouffes

Telephone: 01 42 78 63 12

Le Train de Vie

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