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Paris Restaurants In France

France is known throughout the world for its fantastic French cuisine, with some of the best chefs and gourmet restaurants around, and a high concentration of these are situated within the capital Paris, where over 30 million tourists come to visit every year, not just for the famous monuments and history, but to experience the fine wines, culture and traditional food.

Restaurant guide and places to eat in Paris (P2)

Restaurant Dining - Restaurants with Shows - Bistros and Brasseries
Cafes and Tea Rooms - Bars and NightClubs

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Allard Bistro Family Restaurant In Paris
This cosy and traditional bistro has seen its fair share of celebrities who like the traditional feel and the traditional French food that this place serves.

Boeuf sur le Toit Brasserie In Paris
The Boeuf sur le Toit is a famous brasserie in an art deco style with wood panelling, paintings, engraved mirrors, a large mahogany bar and a marble entrance that has seafood piled onto crushed ice on display.

Drouant Restaurant In Paris
This place became an instant hit with the artistic and literary people of the time, but then in 1914 this brasserie and restaurant was chosen for the inauguration of the first Prix Goncourt.

Le Repaire de Cartouche Bistro In Paris
Cartouche was nicknamed after a legendary thief who roamed the Paris and the Repaire de Cartouche restaurant is named after him, as this was one of the places he stayed at before he was caught and then executed.

Le Soleil Bistro Family Restaurant In Paris
This bistro type restaurant is officially known as Le Soleil - Cuisine pour chineurs gourmands at the Flea Market in Saint-Ouen and Le Soleil is a very popular place for lunch.

153 Grenelle Restaurant In Paris
153 Grenelle is a Gastronomic restaurant that took over from the Paris bistro called Le Soleil de Grenelle and as the name suggests it is located at 153 Rue de Grenelle.

Bofinger Brasserie Restaurant In Paris
This restaurant today occupies a large part of the Rue de la Bastille, and is recognisable through its red awnings outside, but inside you can still see the dark polished wood, shining brass and comfortable dining areas.

Libre Sens Restaurant In Paris
Originally the setting for Korova inspired by the cult movie Clockwork Orange, the restaurant has now changed hands and been renamed the Libre Sens, which is located in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris.

H?agen-Dazs Ice Cream House In Paris
H?agen-Dazs has been delighting people since 1921 and is classified as 'heaven' for ice cream lovers all over the world.

Casino Barri?re d'Enghien-les-Bains Restaurant In Paris
Would you like to try your luck, well now you can with games tables from Roulette to Black Jack and Poker and slot machines at this Casino in Paris.

Le Cafe Marly Restaurant in Paris
Le Cafe Marly is not your ordinary museum restaurant and has become known as a hip and trendy restaurant, where you will often find celebrities eating and has excellent dishes such as foie gras.

Club Med World Paris Restaurants and Shows
The French holiday company called Club Med that is known for its locations in exotic places has now opened a leisure centre on the edge of Paris.

Viaduc Cafe Family Restaurant In Paris
This caf? in Paris has a very modern and contemporary feel, yet with its high ceilings, glass front and stone walls set into one of the arches makes for a sophisticated spot for a drink and a time to relax,

Paradis Latin Cabaret Shows In Paris and Restaurant
Le Paradis Latin is one of the oldest cabarets in the world and features the famous French Can-Can with a friendly atmosphere.

Le Double Fond Magic Shows In Paris
The Double Fond is a very unique place to eat and sip a cocktail, as it is dedicated to magic and translated it means Double the Substance.

Cabaret Cirque at the Zebre de Belleville In Paris and Restaurant
The Zebre de Belleville has been converted from a converted former neighbourhood cinema into a cabaret circus that was opened in 2003.

Au Pied de Cochon Restaurant in Paris
This is a very traditional type of restaurant that first opened in 1947 and since then has never been closed, as it is open 24 hours a day, every day!

Blue Elephant Restaurant In Paris
When you walk into the Blue Elephant Paris you will feel like you are in Thailand with the lush plants, beautiful flowers, colourful orchids and the sounds from the waterfall along with antiques, paintings and sculptures.

Chicago Pizza Pie Factory Restaurant in Paris
The Chicago Pizza Pie Factory is a large American style pizza restaurant that is an ideal place for families or groups and especially great for the younger generation with its loud rock music.

Au Bon Accueil Bistro and Family Restaurant In Paris
This traditional bistro was opened over twenty years and was re-vamped in 2003 and turned into an elegant bistro type restaurant that now attracts even more people than ever.

L'Angle du Faubourg Family Restaurant In Paris
This restaurant opened in 2001 and has a great focus on wines, as there are over 200 wines on offer, all established by Les Caves Taillevent, which has a wine cellar with a selection of over 1,300 types of wine.

L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon Restaurant In Paris
Already a Michelin two star restaurant, the L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon is actually more like a sushi bar, where you eat at high stools around a bar.

Le Grande Cascade Restaurant In Paris
The Grande Cascade is a Michelin star plush restaurant with a beautiful terrace in the Bois de Boulogne area, and this Haute cuisine restaurant is housed in a remarkable and vast steel and glass rotunda pavilion.

Baz'Art Cafe In Paris
The Baz'Art is a stylish yet cosy and friendly caf? with a bar and an art gallery, which has a busy upbeat atmosphere of a lunchtime.

Pinxo Brasserie Restaurant In Paris
Pinxo is a Michelin rated restaurant that is a reasonably priced brasserie that has a casual atmosphere in a modern style with black and white decor and a bar that looks onto the kitchen.

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