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Cabaret Cirque at the Zebre de Belleville In Paris

The Zebre de Belleville has been converted from a converted former neighbourhood cinema into a cabaret circus that was opened in 2003.

The owner of this place, Francis Schoeller, who set up the Cirque de Paris and Une Journée au Cirque or A Day at the Circus wanted to create an original entertainment option, which he has succeeded in doing with this circus cabaret show and dinner combined.

Cabaret Cirque

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Cabaret Cirque at the Zebre de Belleville

The Zebre de Belleville is actually the smallest cabaret venue in all of Europe and only seats around two hundred people at a time and hence reservations are a must for all the shows.

A venue that is great for all the family, you can expect to see numerous different acts from circus acts like tight rope walkers to trapeze artists and jugglers to magicians along with cabaret routines.

The Cabaret Cirque Zebre de Belleville is situated in the 11th arrondissement of Paris and they have different shows at set times during the week, for example on a Friday and Saturday night is when you can book for a complete dinner show.

The atmosphere is lively and you are encouraged to join in the fun, and when you having your candlelit dinner, you can see the performers not only on the stage but also above your heads and coming round to your table to perform in between your courses.  And seated at small and intimate round tables, when their acts are finished, they may take a drink with you and even get you up dancing and this can make for a very warm atmosphere and a top quality evening for everyone.

The cabaret circus dinner shows are around 80 Euros for an adult and around 35 Euros for a child and start from around 8pm, but there are also other shows that you can go and see that are not quite as much for the pocket.  For example, on a Monday you can see a show which is around 18 Euros and starts at 8.30pm, but there are fine wines and snacks served from 7.30pm and with this you can get to see acts such as a puppeteer, magician, dancer and contortionist.

Again, even with the basic shows, you do have to reserve this as space is of course very limited, but even these are suitable for children and adults, although from what we can gather, it appears that it is only children over the age of five that are allowed in, even on the dinner nights.

So while you are on holiday in France and you fancy a night out in Paris with a difference, then this could be the place for you in this unusual setting.  But beware of the servers and the artists, who can walk among you in the evening, as they are always ready to make jokes, yet amaze you.

Address & Contact Details:

Le Zèbre de Belleville
63 Boulevard de Belleville

Telephone: 1 43 55 55 55 from 10am to 6pm

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