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Le Double Fond Magic Shows In Paris

The Double Fond is a very unique place to eat and sip a cocktail, as it is dedicated to magic and translated it means Double the Substance.

Dominique Duvivier decided that he wanted to create a place that was dedicated to magic, and although people thought that this would be impossible, the Double Fond was established over 20 years ago and has become known as the Premier Pub of Magic in Europe.

Le Double Fond

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Le Double Fond Magic Shows In Paris France

Today the Double Fond is known throughout the world as it has become an essential venue for magic and entertainment not just in France, but throughout Europe and attracts more than 10000 visitors every year.

But this is a magic venue with a difference.  You will not just sit there and watch magicians performing magic on stage even though you can go to a show here in their atmospheric stone vaulted cellar, but many tricks will be done right in front of you at your table and the magic shows will enthral both young and old alike.

Situated in the heart of the Marais district of Paris on the small square called Market St Catherine, which is right around the corner from the Place des Vosges, the Double Fond has a range of around 10 different magic shows that change each year and you will be completely enthralled by the humorous sketches and miracles that take place.

It is not really any more expensive to have a cocktail in the Double Fond than it is elsewhere in Paris, but when you take a certain type of drink, the person who serves you will do a magic trick at your table that is specific to that particular cocktail that you have ordered.

One particular cocktail is called Caipiroska d'Onosaka and is named after Ton Onosaka who owns a magic shop in Tokyo and is one of the most well-known magicians in the world, being a creator of the multiple effects scene with close up magic and in particular special card tricks.  This particular cocktail contains lime, cane sugar and vodka and is accompanied by a special card trick to enjoy.

Another cocktail with a theme is called the Cocktail Levitation, which contains champagne, white rum, galliano, pineapple juice and pulco.  As the name portrays, you will get to see a grand illusion that utilises the art of levitation, which defies the laws of gravity.

However, if you are unable to have an alcoholic drink, don't worry, there are non alcoholic alternatives drinks, so you do not have to worry about missing out on the magic and action.

But if you have ever thought about learning to do some magic yourself? Well, you can have a one hour personal session by a professional magician to learn some the magicians secrets and learn two impressive, yet easy to implement magic tricks.  Obviously, this facility is only by available by appointment, and to book you can telephone them on 1 42 71 40 20 and the cost is around 55 Euros.

Or there are group sessions of tuition available that work out at around 20 Euros, per one hour course, or you can book a full course if you are staying in Paris for a few weeks and they are available for adults and children aged twelve or more.  Again, you would need to contact the Double Fond to find out more information with times and the costs for the different courses available, as they don't just teach you magic tricks, but also how to present yourself to an audience and how to get over stage fright, etc.

The Double Fond is open for shows every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night all year round at 9pm.  Also they do shows at 11pm on a Saturday night except in July and August.

On the first Sunday of each month at 7.30 in the evening the stage is open to amateur magicians who want to try out in front of a real audience, and if you would like to take part in the show, then you would need to register for this, and it is a great place for a budding magician to start.

The Double Fund is an ideal place for a family outing and also to celebrate a birthday and birthday parties can also be arranged for children from the age of five upwards. There are also lots of other parties and different options available so you would have to contact Le Double Fond for further information, and although we have given you a general idea on some prices, please do bear in mind that prices do change, and details are always going to be subject to change.

Throughout the winter Le Double Fond is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 7pm through to 2am and during the summer months it is open every day except Monday from the afternoon until 2am.

Address & Contact Details:

Le Double Fond
1 Place du March? St Catherine

Telephone: 1 42 71 40 20

Le Double Fond Magic Shows In Paris

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