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Club Med World Paris

The French holiday company called Club Med that is known for its locations in exotic places has now opened a leisure centre on the edge of Paris without accommodation, called Club Med World.

It was over fifty years ago that Club Med first thought of the idea of providing holidays to exotic places that were affordable to the majority rather than to the minority, and yet it had faltered at times, especially with its laid back attitude to 'fun', but things have changed over the years and the Club Med World is going to other places around the globe.

Club Med World Paris

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Club Med World Paris

Another idea of the sites is to try and keep regular Club Med members in touch with each other and the Club in between their holidays along with introducing Club Med to a new clientele.

Within the Club Med World Paris you can eat at a choice of three different restaurants that are all based on different themes such as the Mediterranean and there are also bars.  There is an amateur recording studio, a travel agency, a library and a stage for shows, plus a club that is open until way into the early hours of the next morning.

Something else that is quite unique, is the fact that it has a circus school where people can learn the trapeze.  From the age of six and above, which includes adults, you can learn to fly the trapeze and there are different courses, but you can also get one-off sessions that last an hour as well.  You would need to contact them.

Situated in the Saint-Emilion courtyard in the Bercy area and in the 12th arrondissement of Paris you will find that the prices at Club Med World are relatively low in comparison to places such as Disneyland Paris Resort and can provide children with an entirely different experience from the norm.   

There is a nightclub which is more like night come day as it is open to the very early hours, plus it has a show venue and restaurants that are all located within one centre in Paris itself and is a hive of activity.  However they do tend to change the organised programme from time to time, which means you are better to check what is going on before arriving, otherwise you could be extremely disappointed.

We mentioned earlier about having trapeze sessions and classes, but these are sometimes cancelled as well, due to the location of the actual rig itself.  In fact it is set up in front of the stage and the platform is accessed from the first floor restaurant, but it must be dismantled before a major event for obvious safety reasons!

The technical level of the trapeze troupe is among the highest in Club Med yet there are a lot of mixed feelings about the Club Med World Paris for several different issues, including the cost of drinks within the nightclub and the fact that some of the staff do not seem as friendly as they would be in a lot of other places you would visit around Paris, but then again, there are also the favourable comments of people saying how great the food and service is within the restaurants and how good the shows are, such as the trapeze group performances that are sometimes provided within the early evening and then there are the cabaret acts that are fantastic.

The Club Med World Paris is situated in Bercy Village, which is opposite to the Cour St Emilion metro station.  If you are travelling by car, then there is easy access from p?riph?rie by exiting at the Porte de Bercy exit, or you get direct access via the voie Georges Pompidou.  There are car parks situated at the St Emilion and Bercy Expo.

The Club Med World Paris is open on a Tuesday to Thursday from 11am through to 2am, a Friday and Saturday they are open from 11am through to 6am and on a Sunday they are open from 11am through to 8pm, but are closed on a Monday.

Address & Contact Details:

39 Cour St Emilion

Club Med World Paris France

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