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Paradis Latin Cabaret Shows In Paris

Le Paradis Latin is one of the oldest cabarets in the world and the only cabaret situated on the left bank of Paris in the original, yet very expertly renovated building that was originally constructed by Gustave Eiffel.

Paradis Latin features the famous French Can-Can, there is a friendly atmosphere with a sexy and mischievous almost 2 hour revue that is definitely not suitable for children, but the audience can have an exquisite dinner before enjoying one of the shows at either 10pm or midnight.

Paradis Latin Cabaret

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Paradis Latin In Paris

With incredibly talented artists, an original choreography and a mass of colours showcasing beauty and rhythm through ballet, tap dancing and other unforgettable attractions, the Paradis Latin will provide you with an evening of excitement and romance that you will not forget.

Quality Dining

At the Paradis Latin, the restaurant and the quality of the food is of major importance and is supervised by Harold Israel who began his career in the most prestigious cooking school of the world, the French cooking school called Le Cordon Bleu.   According to Harold, the traditional cabaret often provides mediocre food and a great show and they decided at this cabaret venue that the food should be delicious as well as the show being fabulous.

At the Paradis Latin in Paris they serve as many as 720 people every evening and all of the meals are cooked with fresh produce that has been supplied that day, on site in the state of the art kitchens.  It seems rather incredible, but every year the patrons will have consumed around 45 kilograms of caviar, 280 kilos of foie gras, a ton of smoked salmon, 4.2 tons of fresh salmon, and six tons of beef fillet, along with around 80,000 bottles of Bordeaux Wine and 45,000 bottles of champagne.

The Paradis Latin has a very special wine cave where the most enlightened wine enthusiasts can make their selection from the wine menu list that includes vintage wines and sauternes and there is also a cigar cave that lists over fifteen different brands of cigar, whereas most establishments only offer two or three brands to choose from.

Paradis Latin Shows

With extremely talented artists, an original choreography, a symphony of colours and a loyalty to a great tradition, the Revue of the Paradis Latin is like a champagne cocktail by being both exciting and romantic, with its striking ballets and surprising attractions and provides a quality show that you are guaranteed not to forget.

The Paradis Latin considers itself to be the most Parisian of the great cabarets and this can be seen in the decoration of the theatre, the world famous French Can-Can and in the ballets, the cosmopolitan dance troupe with their shimmering costumes and the previous shows, or revues as they are known, such as the Paris Paradis, Nuit de Paradis and Champagne.

The latest revue is just as spectacular, or perhaps even more so, and will enthral audiences from around the world, whilst enjoying a sumptuous meal served by the attentive waiters who wish to ensure that your evening is the best it could possibly be.

The shows are held every evening of the year, but for obvious reasons, certain dates such as 25 December or New Year are going be more expensive and will have to be booked well in advance.

Address & Contact Details:

28 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine

Telephone: 1 43 25 28 28

Paradis Latin Cabaret Shows In Paris

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