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Le Plomb du Cantal Restaurant In Paris

Le Plomb du Cantal is a restaurant that serves traditional dishes from the Auvergne, in the Massif Central, which is a mountainous and volcanic region in central France and Le Plomb du Cantal is named after the highest mountain in this area at 1,855 metres.

This restaurant has a rustic feel and is located in the middle of the bustling and lively district of Montparnasse with its many theatres and restaurants.  It has a varied clientele ranging from travelling salesmen from the Auvergne who like their local cuisine, to hungry theatre goers who enjoy a meal here after a performance at one of the many local theatres. 

Le Plomb du Cantal

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Le Plomb du Cantal Restaurant In Paris

Le Plomb du Cantal has a very friendly and lively feel that becomes extremely crowded, especially of an evening and situated in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, it is not the place for a romantic gourmet dining experience, but great for a down to earth fun and enjoyable evening eating out with friends and laughter.

And unlike many restaurants in Paris, the meals served are hearty and a sensible plateful at a reasonable cost, so you will definitely not go hungry when you eat here and unless you are used to large portions, we would recommend that you only have a light lunch.

But unfortunately, because of the quality of the French cuisine and the fact that they do not take reservations, you may well have to wait quite a while at the bar with a drink or two prior to getting a table.

Whilst eating in Paris at Le Plomb du Cantal, you can expect to experience dishes such as onion soup, truffade, which is crispy saut?ed potatoes covered with Auvergne melted cheese, very large steaks from two distinctive breeds of cattle, the Salers and Aubrac, tripoux which is sheep offal, chou farci, which is stuffed cabbage, duck confit, and homemade desserts to name but a few of the meals served.  But do bear in mind that they have mainly meat dishes on the menu.

Restaurant Guide Key Points

Le Plomb du Cantal restaurant is open for lunch and then for evening meals from 7.30pm.

The average cost of an A la carte meal not including drinks is around 25€ to 35€, with a main dish costing approximately 15€.

It is suitable for all the family with no particular dress code, although you may wish to get there earlier rather than later, as they do not take reservations and it gets exceedingly busy after 9pm and that is on most days of the week!

The nearest Metro station is the Gaite.

Address & Contact Details:

Le Plomb du Cantal
3 Rue de la Gaite

Telephone: 1 43 35 16 92
Or Telephone: 8 26 10 07 91  (at € 0.15 / min)

Le Plomb du Cantal In Paris

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