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History and Expansion of the FrogPubs in France

Unbelievable as it may seem, but the FrogPubs originally began as an idea that was a piece of homework and coursework for a couple of students that were studying for their MBA in the Fontainebleau area just outside of Paris.

They were given the task of developing a project that would result in the creation of a completely new business venture and the opportunity they chose to evaluate was the potential for an English pub and micro-brewery within the centre of Paris.

The students decided on this mainly because of the applied in-depth market research that it offered, well it is a hard job but someone had to do it, but after graduating, they decided to put their idea into action.

FrogPub In Paris

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History and Expansion of the FrogPubs in France

Although they were only armed with a lot of notes, and some of them not very coherent due to being written late at night whilst in some of the different bars in Paris, they had thought up the witty name of The Frog and Rosbif and the two graduates set about raising money for their new venture. 

Obviously, these young entrepreneurs not just needed the money, but they also had to find a suitable location and also needed to learn more about how to brew the beer that up until then, no-one had even considered introducing to the Parisians.

But then the hard work started, and even though it does not seem a long time to us, for them its was a very long and often frustrating year and a half of having to deal with French bureaucracy before The Frog and Rosbif first opened its doors in the October of 1993.

The Frog and Rosbif is situated in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris and is located on the lively and infamous Rue St Denis and upon opening it immediately became a great success, both with the British expatriates and tourists alike.  But it became popular with the French residents in Paris as well, especially at lunchtime.

Over the following ten years there have been another three bars in Paris that have opened and are called The Frog and Princess in the 6th arrondissement, The Frog at Bercy Village in the 12th arrondissement and The Frog and British Library located in the 13th arrondissement.  There have also been two other pubs opened in other regions of France, which are called The Frog & Rosbif that are located in Toulouse and Bordeaux.

Each pub has its own identity and they all produce their own brews on the premises and there are actually six main beers produced, although they do also have a range of brews from lager to stout and bitter to fruit beers, plus even ginger beer.

Considering the FrogPubs were originally designed to accommodate the British, they now have a very wide clientele, but you will see all the major sports us Brits watch from motor racing to rugby and all of the Premiership football games featuring the UK teams displayed on the screens.   

Each place is different, yet has special themed evenings, happy hours, regular events, the traditional pub quiz or darts match, one-off party evenings and music, plus is open until the early hours and although the main focus is of course as a bar, like many English pubs, they do bar food and the traditional English cuisine like fish and chips or pie and mash.
So what are you waiting for, get along to your nearest FrogPub and enjoy the atmosphere with likeminded people.

FrogPubs History and Expansion

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