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The FrogPubs Beers, Stouts and Largers

The FrogPubs are a chain of bars in Paris that originally started back in 1993 with the Frog and Rosbif and the concept of a traditional English pub was first thought up by a couple of students, and the history of the FrogPubs and how these places came into existence is quite fascinating.

But something else that makes these bars a completely unique concept is the fact that they produce their own brand of beers.  But many establishments do that, we hear you say, yet what makes these completely different is they are in fact produced on the premises and in the Frog and Rosbif you can see a diagram on the wall that shows the processes they go through to make the different beers they serve to customers.

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The FrogPubs Beers, Stouts and Largers

Apparently it is brewing the beer that they enjoy doing the most, and of course serving it!  And there are the six house beers that are produced in each of the bars, but they also do seasonal specials as well, so for a truly unique experience, these bars in Paris are a definite must to try.

But just a quick note before we start.  You will see the letters ABV, which stand for Alcohol by volume, and then a percentage, and this is an indication as to how much alcohol is included in the particular beverage and you will always see this listed on wines, spirits, lager, beer, etc.

Now lets take a look at the six beers the FrogPubs continually produce..


The ABV of this drink is 4.4% and is the longest running beer that has been produced for over ten years.  And even today a lot of loving care goes into making this clean, hoppy bitter where over two million pints have been consumed since it was first produced.

It utilises Styrian Goldings hops that balance the aroma and bitterness, making for a light pint that is served cool with a creamy, tight head.

Frog Natural Blonde

The ABV of this lager is 4.2%.

It is served cold, plus it is fizzy and refreshing, but the Frog Natural Blonde is all of that and more.  It is the house lager that is brewed with German Hallertau hops and then matured for more than a month in their cellars. 

This particular pint of lager is always served fresh, unpasteurised and unfiltered and any kegged lager would have a seriously hard job competing with this extra special brew!


We feel that if you have any imagination you can certainly think of why this beer has such a name, especially when you consider that it has an alcohol content by volume of 5.2%.

This beer is truly fantastic with a strong, malty and hoppy taste and is a great example of a strong bitter.  To balance out the alcohol-producing malt this bitter is packed with British hops and also avoids the fruity sweetness that often spoils strong ales.  But this bitter goes down easily and is a strong beer that gets better by the pint!

Dark de Triomphe

This particular brew is their very own stout with an ABV of 5.0%.

This is a dry, full-bodied stout that is served cold with a thick and creamy head and has slightly more bitterness to it than some other stouts that you may be more used to.

When ordering, it is often just referred to as "a pint of the black stuff', and this stout has become so popular within these bars along with the two that have been opened in other regions in France located in Toulouse and Bordeaux, that they no longer sell any other stouts, because the demand for others just wasn't there!

Maison Blanche

The Maison Blanche is a light and refreshing beer that has an ABV of 4.2% and is great thirst quencher on a hot summer evening as it is served cold, but it has become one of their very popular drinks all year round.

This is a refreshingly citrus wheat beer full of bubbles and is like the style of beer you would often get in Belgium and is made with Czechoslovakian hops, coriander, cura?oa & orange peel.

Ginger Twist

So what happens when you decide to reduce the hop content and then make up the difference with ginger, lemon & lime?  Well, you end up getting a refreshing and delicious cold amber beer with a fizzy twist!

Oh, and by the way, the Ginger Twist still has an ABV of 4.4%

Obviously like all Paris bars and throughout the world for that matter, they do supply drinks that do not contain any alcohol and they do some mean cocktails as well.

But if you like beer, then you have got try one of these unique brews that are only served within the Frog and Rosbif, the Frog and Princess, The Frog at Bercy Village and The Frog and British Library all in different parts of Paris.

So go and enjoy a great atmosphere with likeminded people and maybe even try some typical English bar food as well.

Frog Pubs Beers, Stouts and Largers

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