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La Villa Corse Rive Droite Restaurant In Paris

La Villa Corse Rive Droite is a restaurant that serves authentic Corsican cuisine and the food from this region in France has a long history with a large influence from its past such as from the Romans, just as the island of Corsica itself has a rich history and many things that are unique to the area including the Corsican language.

Taking on board the success of the original Villa Corse in Paris that is now known as La Villa Corse Rive Gauche, this particular sister restaurant first opened in 2006 and became an instant success for a great dining experience in a relaxed atmosphere that is very similar to the original.

Villa Corse Rive

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- Corse Rive Gauche
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La Villa Corse Rive Droite Restaurant In Paris

The decor is slightly different in each of the four rooms, which consist of a lounge, a French style library room, a mezzanine lounge room and a hall with lots of wood panelling, large leather armchairs and crystal chandeliers that make each space very warm, luxurious and inviting and this has meant it has also become very popular with business people out for lunch as well.

La Villa Corse Rive Droite is, as the name suggests situated on the Right Bank of the River Seine and is located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris close to Port Maillot, but it is also reasonably close to the most notorious intersection in Paris and famous Paris landmark, the Arc de Triomphe.

Now when it comes to the cuisine, they have continued to source the freshest produce and specialities direct from Corsica, just as they do at their other restaurant in Paris, La Villa Corse Rive Gauche located on the Left Bank of the River Seine.

So in a cosy, refined setting you can choose to have breakfast, lunch or dinner here with traditional produce, even accompanied by some fine wine from Corsica, although there are always different specials on offer and a menu that changes depending upon what delicacies are available.   

However, you may get to experience delights such as chestnut soup, foie gras with figs and muscat, roasted duck breast with pears in red wine, wild boar and chestnut ravioli, fillets of fresh sardines marinated around vegetables, salad of artichokes and green beans with a fresh aroma of hazelnuts, fillet of beef with crushed potatoes and olive oil, cod in risotto with Orzo accompanied by young vegetables and olive oil, and a Corsican cheese platter with fig jam, plus much more to delight those taste buds.

So why not try something different and enjoy the refined Corsican cuisine available at this friendly and cosy restaurant.

Restaurant Guide Key Points

This Paris restaurant is open on a Monday through to a Saturday, yet is closed on a Sunday.

La Villa Corse Rive Droite serves breakfast from 9am until 11am and then lunch is served from noon until 2.15pm, but evening meals are served from 7pm through to around 11pm.

And you will find that the Lounge Bar is actually open all day long and they have Happy Hours from 6pm through to 7.30pm when cocktails are only 5€ and other drinks are also on specials.

They have a lunch time formula set menu where you can choose a starter and a main course or a main course and dessert and these are accompanied by either a glass of wine or a coffee and the approximate cost is around 27€ but there is also the option of the A la Carte menu and the average price for a main dish is around 25€.

The nearest Metro station is the Porte Maillot.

Address & Contact Details:

La Villa Corse Rive Droite
141 Avenue Malakoff

Telephone: 1 40 67 18 44
Fax: 1 40 67 18 19

La Villa Corse Rive Droite In Paris

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