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French Wine From Corsica

Corsica, although part of France is an island off of the French coast and it is often referred to as LiÓle de beaute or the beautiful island.

Although this island does produce some great wine, it is very little known outside of Corsica and is very rarely exported, even though they have been producing wine in the region for absolutely hundreds of years.

Also, with the Western part of Corsica which gets more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in France, it is said that the exquisite wines that come from the coast are some of the best you can ever try.

Wines From Corsica

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French Wine From Corsica

But due to its unusual climate and its rich history, there are numerous different types of wines of excellent quality that are produced throughout the island, although in the restaurants you will discover that most wine served is based upon only three or four varieties.  Yet you can discover a wine to suite every palette due to the variation in the islands geology.

Although the majority of wine produced in Corsica is either red wine or rosť, the white wine produced from Vermentinu grapes with its delicate floral flavour has become more and popular.

The majority of the red wines and rosť wines are produced using the niellucciu and sciaccarellu grapes, with a lot of the warm and full bodied red wines coming from the North of the island.

We have all no doubt realised that the perfect accompaniment to good food is a fine wine and there is always plenty of choice in Corsica, whether it be a wine as an aperitif, one to accompany a certain dish or another to finish the meal.

The wine makers of Corsica have always favoured the niellucciu grape, along with the sciaccarellu grape that is only found on this island plus the vermentinu grapes for the white wines.  And the wines seem to reflect on the rugged terrain with their charm and of the traditional techniques still used in many vineyards today.

Muscat is also a very popular grape variety that is exceedingly popular in Corsica and the taste of the muscat wine can vary from very dry to sweet with a high alcohol content.

The culture and traditions vary immensely from one part of Corsica to another and they all have their own specialities, including their own cheese, wine, and traditional main meal.

Wild boar, which you can see freely roaming throughout the island, is probably the most popular Corsican dish served in numerous different ways accompanied by red wine

Game stew, known as tianu, and grilled red meats are also very popular and it is usually recommended to have a light red wine to accompany these dishes.

Most wines from Corsica should be drunk young and fresh, although there a few reds that will be able to age.

Yet along the coast instead of red meats or game, you are more likely to be served seafood dishes and the oysters are also very popular accompanied by a white wine or a rosť wine initially before you start or with a salad.

The local cheeses are more often served with a white wine rather than red wine, which is contrary to what most of us, have come to think of.

You will find that the wine in Corsica is very accessible and is served with most meals, but for someone to experience the variety on offer, you could be spending a long time on holidays in France just on this island.  Although, Patrimonio is one of the best-known wine regions in Corsica and produces around 90 percent of all the red wines from the nielluciu grapes, so you are not likely to miss out on the opportunity of tasting these wines whilst you are on holiday!

French Wine From Corsica

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