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La Cave des Cordeliers Restaurant In Paris

La Cave des Cordeliers is a unique place as it is a restaurant serving refined traditional French cuisine in an elegant atmosphere but this venue also has a lively musical atmosphere with performances by a live band and downstairs there is a place to relax in original caves.

The caves themselves were originally used by monks of the Cordeliers Covent to develop the art of wine making and then the street was known as Cordeliers Street.  But centuries later these same caves were where the Club des Cordeliers was founded during the French Revolution and the leader, Danton, proclaimed the French revolutionary motto.

Cave des Cordeliers

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La Cave des Cordeliers Restaurant In Paris

However, the street eventually changed its name to Rue de L'Ecole de Medecine because of the prestigious medicine school of Paris, but as you have guessed, the restaurant takes its name from the original street and what the caves were called.

Located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris close to the River Seine and Notre Dame in one direction and the Luxembourg Gardens in the other La Cave des Cordeliers takes you to the historic Paris with its restored caves.

Inside you have the ground floor where the performers are situated and this area has wooden tables and chairs with an elegant interior and subdued lighting.  From here you will find a Mezzanine area that is accessed via a spiral staircase which has a great view overlooking where the musicians will entertain you by creating different musical atmospheres.

You could also find yourself in the restored caves, still with the original brickwork and stone floors superbly restored, yet with a more relaxed lounge style and romantic atmosphere with comfortable red velvet chairs, sofas, wooden tables and a low vaulted ceiling.

Throughout the evening and often until dawn you can listen to the talented pianist, singers and the band that will create different musical atmospheres, from traditional French songs to Cuban, Jazz, Soul and repertoires, etc.

Now thinking of the food, there are numerous delights on offer such as duck foie gras with mesclun salad, shredded artichoke with Scottish smoked Salmon, frogs legs a la Provencale, scampi ravioli, stewed seabass and lobster with saffron, monkfish with pancetta and white beans, beef stroganoff, quail roasted in vine leaves, veal medallion with mushroom sauce and fillet of beef with pepper sauce.

The cuisine on offer here is made even more enjoyable by you being able to choose your own garnish for the main courses and some of the side dishes include potato cake with garlic, rice, green beans, and much more, but when it comes to desserts, please do bear in mind that these have to be ordered at the start of your meal.

So, you can discover refined French cuisine whilst listening to international repertoires performed by the Cave des Cordeliers Band and this makes for an extremely enjoyable night out with a difference.

Restaurant Guide

La Cave des Cordeliers is open every day of the week with live music at lunchtime from noon until 3pm.  Plus there is live music at dinnertime from 8.30pm usually through until dawn.

Available during the week days there is a set menu known as the Musical Menu for 49€ and includes a choice of starter, main course with a choice of side dish and a dessert.  There is also a great selection of French wines and cocktails to round off the evening with friends.

It is highly recommended to make reservations, especially for an evening.

The nearest Metro station is either the Odeon or the Cluny La Sorbonne.

Address & Contact Details:

9 Rue de l'Ecole de Medecine


Telephone: 1 43 29 39 00
Fax: 1 43 29 58 52

La Cave des Cordeliers

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