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History of the Train Bleu Restaurant In Paris

The Gare de Lyon was part of the major town planning initiative by the French President of the time that accompanied the 1900 Exhibition and this is what gave us buildings such as the Grand Palais, the Petit Palais and the Alexander III Bridge, etc.

The Paris-Lyon-Mediterranean Company built the restaurant for the Universal Exhibition and it was originally called the Buffet de la Gare de Lyon and was inaugurated in the April of 1901 by the French President, Emile Loubet.

Train Bleu Restaurant

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History of the Train Bleu Restaurant In Paris

There are actually 41 paintings that were produced to depict the rail network sites and also the events in 1900 and bearing in mind that the network company was originally of the Alps there is a beautiful mountain painting of Mont Blanc by Eug?ne Burnand.

Another painting above the stairway leading down to the station platforms represents the Alexander III Bridge and the Palaces that housed the Exhibition in 1900, which was produced by Ren? Billotte.  In the main dining room on the end wall is a painting that depicts the "Th??tre d'Orange" by Albert Maignan with some very good portraits, plus other paintings provide scenery, sailing boats, well dressed ladies, etc.

All of these paintings still continue to excite those that admire them, which of course was what was intended by those who created the d?cor within the buffet restaurant, providing the visitor with a truly warming atmosphere that captivates and charms everyone both now and in years gone by.

Yet it was in 1963 that this buffet in Paris was renamed Le Train Bleu after the Paris-Lyon-Mediterranean Company's original luxury express train with blue sleeping cars that took British aristocrats and wealthy Parisians down to the Cote d'Azur or the French Riviera as it is often called.

In 1972 Andre Malraux granted Le Train Bleu restaurant in Paris historical monument status.

The paintings have always captured everyone's attention and are visited in the Train Bleu restaurant almost like a museum.  But over the years they had deteriorated slightly, yet due to the fact that there was not any smoke coming from the old locomotives any longer, these were painstakingly and very carefully restored in 1992, to their former glory with their vibrant colours, just like they were back in the 1900's.

Entering the large rooms that were filled with sculptures, gilt and vast paintings that dominate the walls, through to the seats and the coats stands, which are still all present today, it makes you feel like you are back in the era of luxury travel, so being able to still have a gorgeous meal at this original station buffet is an experience you will never forget.

To find out more information about the restaurant itself, please go to the Train Bleu restaurant page.

Address & Contact Details:

Le Train Bleu
1er Etage de la Gare de Lyon (First Floor Gare de Lyon)
Place Louis Armand

Telephone: 1 44 75 76 76
Fax: 1 43 43 97 96

History of the Train Bleu Restaurant

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