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Tour d'Argent Petit Musee de la Table

The Tour d'Argent Petit Musee de la Table is a gastronomic museum that is housed in the famous Tour d'Argent restaurant and was founded back in the year 1953 by Claude Terrail who had taken over ownership from his Father, Andre Terrail, a few years earlier.

The Petit Musee de la Table is situated on the ground floor of the old building that was built in the 16th century as an inn to accommodate the aristocrats of the time and even the restaurant is classed as a museum in its own right, having been around for well over 400 years.

At this museum you will see displays that portray the history of French Gastronomy, tableware and cutlery plus the tools we all now take for granted and it is in fact the room you go into to have ap?ritifs served prior to ascending to the main dining room via the lift.

Tour d'Argent Paris

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Tour d'Argent Petit Musee de la Table

Situated in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, with great views of Notre Dame Cathedral and the River Seine, the history of the Tour d'Argent is absolutely fascinating and being probably the most well known of all the restaurants in Paris you can get a taste of luxury, the refinement of eating out and prestige that accompanies this famous place.

The exhibits at the Tour d'Argent Petit Musee de la Table include memorabilia, photographs and letters from some of the famous people that have dined at this haute cuisine restaurant, but the main exhibit is a table laid out as it was for the prestigious event held in 1867 for the Universal Exhibition in Paris at the Caf? Anglais.

This royal assembly, which has become known as the Dinner of the three Emporors comprised of Alexander II, Czar of All the Russias, his son and namesake the Tsarevitch, the King of Prussia, Wilhelm I and the Prince of Bismarck, yet it is very rare for any restaurant to have such prestigious guests dining for their pleasure, rather than an official function.

When you take a look at the menu of these guests, today it may seem rather too much luxury for one meal, but as they were leaving the restaurant, Czar Alexander II complained that he had not had the opportunity of tasting the foie gras, which of course is a typical French delicacy.

Claudius Burdel, who owned Caf? Anglais, which was a famous Paris restaurant at the end of the 19th century stated "Sire, it is not the custom of French gastronomy to serve foie gras in June, if you can wait until October, you will certainly not regret it." He was faithful to his word and sent a terrine of foie gras to each of the emperors in the autumn and this specially prepared foie gras was later known as the "Foie Gras des Trois Empereurs.

Other items on display at the Tour d'Argent Petit Musee de la Table include the first class dining room menu from the maiden voyage of the Normandie and an old silver duck press that is the same as is still used today to prepare the canard au sang, which is the famous duck dish for which every duck is given a number.

Also, there are ancient bottles of wine on display from the wine cellars, cabinets filled with memorabilia, the letters and notes from famous people such as Bill Clinton, Mickhail Gorbatchev, etc and photographs of people like Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip taken in 1948.

Being on the ground floor this museum come lobby and bar is a very comfortable setting and a great place to enter prior to going up to the dining room and really gets you into the spirit of the place, but unfortunately, you cannot see the display unless you have reserved a table for a lunch or dinner at this truly remarkable and traditional French restaurant.

Address & Contact Details:

Tour d'Argent Petit Musee de la Table
La Tour d'Argent
15-17 Quai de la Tournelle

Telephone: 1 43 54 23 31

Petit Musee de la Table

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