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Tour d'Argent and its Wine Cellars

The Tour d'Argent is an exceedingly famous restaurant in Paris that has been serving fine food in a sumptuous setting for over 400 years and has always been a top haute cuisine restaurants that is frequented by the rich and famous from around the world.

One reason for this, is that the restaurant prides itself on its traditional French cuisine but also having probably one of the most technically perfect wine cellars in Paris that provides a perfect setting for its glorious, renowned and prestigious bottles that they contain.

Incredibly they hold around 400,000 bottles within the cellars, with some very rare trophies, collectors items for connoisseurs and splendid examples of incomparably fine vintages that would cost absolutely thousands a bottle.

Tour d'Argent Paris

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Tour d'Argent and its Wine Cellars

Also, being situated in the 5th arrondissement, the Tour d'Argent has wonderful views of Notre Dame Cathedral and the River Seine and is the perfect setting for a romantic dinner with a fine glass of wine and has been the place of choice for many prestigious guests.

But do bear in mind that you always need to make a reservation at this Paris landmark and realistically you need a healthy bank balance, not just for the cuisine such as their famous canard au sang, or pressed duck dish, but especially for some of the fine wines, as there are so many references, it is more like a novel and the wine list comes with its own stand!

There are not many restaurants in Paris that could even try matching up to the wine cellars at the Tour d'Argent and they are said to be one of the best in the world.  And for some, they are lucky enough to have a tour of these rambling cellars, which is usually when one has purchased an expensive vintage wine or have proven their interest in the wine and its cellars.

Yet the cellars are a daunting place, with a maze of rooms where you could quite easily get lost, and to enter you have to be escorted into the bowels of the restaurant by a member of the staff, wearing white tie and tails, who ceremoniously rings a copper bell to announce the visitor's arrival.

And with so many rare vintages, the temperature in the cellars is kept at a constant 54 degrees to preserve these, as the wines, brandies, champagnes etc. are estimated to be worth around eight to ten million Euros!

Even though much of the wine was blundered when the Germans invaded, all of the treasures were saved from the German occupation during the Second World War by Claude Terrail, the son of Andre, who personally walled off part of the cellars on the night of 14th June 1940, so that these rare bottles would not be discovered.

There is a Chateau Siran from 1858, which is the oldest bottle of wine in their cellars and next to it lies a prestigious vintage from 1865, although some very rare Burgundy wines have pride of place. But even older than that there are the "fines" and brandies, like the fine Champagne, Logis de Servolles from 1797 and next to that a cognac, Clos de Griffer, from 1788.

They also have a collection of Vin des Corsaires, which are the Pirates wines and were a trophy from a defeated buccaneer, along with many other exceedingly rare bottles like a fine Napoleon, making the wine cellars an experience like no other, and all of this is on top of refined dining at this romantic and historic restaurant.

But you can also experience even more history of the Tour d'Argent, by having a look round the little museum called the Tour d'Argent Musee de la Table, which is on the ground floor and holds numerous different items on display, including vintage bottles of wine and other memorabilia such as letters from famous past clientele and even the menu from the dining room on the maiden voyage of the Normandie.

Address & Contact Details:

La Tour d'Argent
15-17, Quai de la Tournelle
Ile de France

Telephone: 1 43 54 23 31

Wine Cellars of Tour d'Argent

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