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Spoon Food & Wine Restaurant In Paris

The spoon is a tool that can be found in every kitchen and on every table throughout the world and it also symbolises a child's first initiation to tastes plus the sensations of food pleasure and it was through this culinary and cultural observation that Alain Ducasse decided to create Spoon in 1998.

Alain Ducasse is a Michelin six star chef who decided to introduce a gourmet cuisine that incorporated different tastes and styles from around the world whilst still utilising the finest ingredients and this is how the restaurant Spoon Food and Wine in Paris first came about.  Since then there have been other Spoon restaurants that have cropped up around the world in places such as Mauritius, London and even Hong Kong.

Spoon Food & Wine

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Spoon Food & Wine Restaurant In Paris

In fact Alain Ducasse has produced cookbooks with his innovative recipes and dishes that he has developed for Spoon, and on top of that his culinary expertise have travelled to other restaurants in Paris such as the Jules Verne that he took over in 2007 and is the plush restaurant situated on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.

Spoon Food & Wine is a trendy French restaurant that is situated near the extremely famous Champs Elysées in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris and also close to the famous Avenue Montaigne that is the place to go for French luxury goods and haute couture.

The décor of Spoon was conceived by Philippe Starck and provides a complete contrast to the richness of the dishes served here, as it is quite basic, yet elegant and the mood even changes from lunchtime to evening.

Alain Ducasse has been able to combine the traditional with the modern and exotic to produce a harmonious fusion cuisine with a menu that changes every few months for those of us who wish to experience foods related to specific countries, such as India. 

Spoon Paris is contemporary and always seeking new flavours, and this restaurant has invented a new generation of the traditional sauces that are prepared in traditional marble mortars and you can choose what sauce you would like to go with your meal.

Also, if you love pasta, then the different pasta recipes that are cooked and served in the pasta pot, which is a special pot that was created by Alain Ducasse and designer Patrick Jouin and developed by Alessi to update an ancestral cooking technique originally used by the olive oil millers, then this is an absolute must to try.

Once again at Spoon Paris, Alain Ducasse wanted to surprise his clientele with a selection of wines from around the world, rather than the traditional red wines served, so he presents a selection of wines using new corking systems, along with an innovative first in Paris, a selection of fruit wines, such as rhubarb, quince and cherry.

At Spoon Food and Wine Paris the tableware pieces have been designed by Alessi and the chopstick cutlery is by Christofle.  For items such as the candle holders and chopstick rests, these were designed by Gilles Caffier and the decorative porcelain is by Jaune de Chrome.

Restaurant Guide Key Points

The Spoon Paris is open on a Monday to Friday for lunch from 12.15pm through to 2.30pm and for dinner from 7.30pm through to 10.30pm.

This restaurant is closed on a Saturday and Sunday and is also closed from the middle of July through to the middle of August.

Reservations are required and you do need to think about booking well in advance, as it is a very popular place to eat out in Paris and there are only around 80 seats available at any one time.

There is a car valet available and on each table you are provided with notepads and pencils for a love message or a brilliant idea!  There is also a selection of books available on topics such as food design & culinary trends.

The dress code is smart dressy, with most wearing jackets.

The Spoon Sum set lunch is approximately £40 and an evening meal is anything upwards of £80 without drinks. The wine list is interesting and extremely rare in Paris, but unfortunately the prices do reflect this.

The nearest Metro station is the Franklin Roosevelt.

Address & Contact Details:

Spoon Paris At Marignan
12 Rue Marignan

Telephone: 1 40 76 34 44
Fax: 1 40 76 34 37

Spoon Food and Wine Restaurant

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