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Musée du Vin Museum In Paris France

The Musée du Vin was established in 1984 and is, as you probably guessed, a museum all about one of the French people's main passion, wine.  But it is a cultural centre that is devoted to the wonders of the French grapes and not just the end result!

The stone and clay tunnels were from ancient quarries that date back to the Middle Ages, where the stone had been used for buildings.  Then these tunnels were converted into cellars by the Minime brothers for the Passy Monastery, where the monks produced their own wine in the 14th century by cultivating a vineyard on the Chaillot Hill.

Musee du Vin

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Musée du Vin Museum In Paris France

In the 19th century cement and brick walls were erected in order to bring the tunnels together and ten in 1950 the cellars were completely refurbished and they even served as a wine cellar for the Eiffel Tower restaurant before being changed into the wine museum.

Today you can find the Musée du Vin installed in these old vaulted cellars which are below the 14th century Abbey of Passey and also below Honoré de Balzac's house, and the ceiling even contains a trap door that he used to escape from his creditors!

Located in 16th arrondissement of Paris near to the Eiffel Tower, this museum is a must for all that enjoy wine and would like to know more about how it is made and the tremendous variety of different types of wine from different wine regions.

Today, these cellars that house the Musée du Vin, exhibit old bottles, vats, instruments, objects and tools that all relate to viticulture and wine producing in ancient times.  The exhibits seem to have everything possible connected with wine, even from corkscrews to decanters, glasses to barrels, wine presses and so much more, and a section showing old photographs, articles, portraits, and drinking songs, there is even a hymn to Saint Vincent on show, and he is one of the main patron saints of wine!

But on top of this there is also a separate section, which is located towards the end of the display that has waxworks showing how wine is made. It even includes a waxwork of Louis Pasteur, the man who brought French viticulture back to life in a big way. 

At the end of the display in this Paris museum, there is a little wine bar where you can sit down and have your complimentary glass of wine, which comes free within the cost of the admission price.

There is also a restaurant that is situated in the cellars and has a fantastic, yet cosy atmosphere and there are different menus to choose from, all with traditional food.  The basic meal is a set menu with a starter and main course, which is whatever the dishes of the day are, then there is the standard menu that you can choose from, but there is also an option of an à la carte menu.   This is obviously more expensive, but you then get a specific wine to accompany each course, which is chosen and explained by your very knowledgeable waiter. 

In this historic setting of the Musée du Vin you can also choose to take a two-hour wine tasting class with a wine specialist or by prior arrangement even organise lunches for groups, dinner parties or have lectures on the fascination subject of "wine".  By indulging yourself in a tasting class with the aim of providing amateurs with a better understanding of different wines, you will end up knowing what to pick and what not to, for accompanying your food choices.  And although most of the tasting sessions are in French, it is also possible to book English wine tasting sessions as well.

Also upon request there is an option of having a wine tasting session of the famous Grand Cru wines and talks by the experts and there are guide books in different languages that you can purchase from the museum.

So if you enjoy a glass of full-bodied red wine or even a dry white wine, then the Musée du Vin should definitely be on your list of places to visit when in Paris on your holiday in France and what better place to enjoy a meal, before walking back over the Pont d'Iéna bridge spanning the River Seine, so that you can experience the Eiffel Tower and Paris during the evening.

The museum is open from a Tuesday through to a Sunday from 10am to 6pm but is closed on a Monday and on bank holidays.  However, because they do hold special events, parties, etc, it is always advisable to make sure that they will be able to accommodate your visit, especially if you are thinking of experiencing their cuisine as well.

Address & Contact Details:

Musée du Vin
Rue des eaux
5 Square Charles Dickens

Telephone: 1 45 25 63 26

Musée du Vin Museum In Paris

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