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Cotes de Provence Wine

The Cotes de Provence wine region is a large area that covers the Cote d'Azur from Marseille to Nice and is famous for the rosé wines that it produces, which account for over half of all rosé wines produced in France.

The vineyards are extremely old with the Romans growing vines in this region. In fact, Julius Caesar wrote about them within his memoirs, and because of their close proximity to the port at Marseille, bottles of red wine from the Cote de Provence could be found in places all over world, even absolutely hundreds of years ago.

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Cots de Provence French Wine

The Cotes de Provence wines were among some of the favourites with King and Queens and became well known from the Middle Ages, but were especially popular with royalty during the 18th century.

There is a large variety of different wine produced in this region mainly due to the different types of soil.  But rosé wine makes up the majority of its yearly harvest at approximately 75 percent, followed by red wine and then the white wines, which are only about 5 percent of the production in this area. 

The red wines and the rosés are made from cabernet sauvignon, carignan, grenache, syrah and mourvedre grapes whilst the small amount of white wines are produced using mainly clairette and seillon grapes.  Yet the taste, aroma and textures of the wines vary immensely throughout the region not just because of the different grapes that are used, but also due to the differences in climate and the varied soil conditions.

Bandol is one of the oldest vineyards in France and is located in the rolling hills facing the Mediterranean between La Ciotat and Toulon and utilises the mourvedre grape as its base to give the wine a spicy touch with body.

Along the Cote d'Azur or French Riviera as it is also known, the French food is completely different from other parts of France with far more of a Mediterranean influence.  Herbes de Provence and goats cheese are used to a great extent within the Provencal cooking and the white wines of the region accompany goats cheese exceedingly well. 

You will also often find that the white wine produced nearer the coast is more subtle than the wine which is produced further inland, which is perfect to serve with seafood.

The red wine from the Cote de Provence area can vary between the light and fresh, which is the perfect accompaniment to grilled or roasted meats, such as lamb, or strong and warm, which go great with French food that have sauces or bouillabaisse, the traditional fish stew.

The rosé wines are great as a wine for any occasion on a hot summer's day and match very well with salads or as an aperitif.   They can vary quite dramatically dependant upon whereabouts in the region the rosé wines are produced, right through from the aroma, the flavour and even the depth of colour, so sometimes it can be a little trial and error to get a rosé to suit your palette.

The rosé from the Provence wine region is fantastic with lots of the traditional French food of the area, such as baked sea bass with herbs, ratatouille and grilled seafood dishes with spices, as they will enhance the cuisine rather than take away from the experience of the food.

Most people whilst on holiday in France will know of the Cote d'Azur for beautiful summers and good living and you are not likely to go to the region without experiencing some of their very fine wines.  Of most importance are the rosé wines that are unique to the area, with their delicate fruity flavours and have been renowned for their quality for hundreds of years.

Cots de Provence French Wine

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