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La Vie en Rose Edith Piaf film tour in Paris

The Paris Film Trails are handy little guides that will take you on a journey of exploration around Paris in a very novel way and one of these that is available is the story of Edith Piaf and the film La Vie en Rose.

You can discover some unusual and off the beaten track places along with the dramatic story of the French singer Edith Piaf from poverty to glory and from triumph to despair, that portrays her life with lots of little anecdotes to make the film trail even more interesting.

The film trail of Edith Piaf starts at Boulevard Lannes, which is a tree-lined boulevard on the edge of the Bois de Boulogne area of Paris.  You can see a small plaque on the wall at number 67, which is where she lived for the last few years of her life and it was here in her apartment that her writer, Charles Dumont, used to sit at the piano and present new songs.

Edith Piaf Film Tour

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La Vie en Rose Edith Piaf film tour in Paris

The next stop is the Olympia Variety Theatre, which was first opened in 1983 by the founder of the Moulin Rouge and although at one point was turned into a cinema, it became a music hall again in the 1950's.   

However, by 1960 it was in serious financial difficulties, but Edith Piaf agreed to perform there for four months, which started in the January of 1961 and through the full houses, this saved the theatre from being closed.  And today, the Olympia is a Paris landmark that has played host to some of the most famous performers from all over the World.

The next step is actually going back in time to when Edith was in her 20's where she used to sing in the streets of Belleville, just to get enough money for her dinner and is located in the Montmartre area of Paris.

If you get to the Place des Abbesses, you will see a Metro station that still has an original glass canopy, then take the Passage des Abbesses, which takes you to the Rue Androuet that is a very typical little street in Montmartre where Edith used to stroll. 

Still in the Montmartre area, which is where Edith spent many years of her life singing in cabaret venues and on the streets to earn a living, you can get to experience the true old fashioned Paris with its steep streets, quaint old houses and many, many steps.  One such street that is typical of this area is called Rue Drevet, which was named after the Pierre Drevet who produced portraits for people such as King Louis XIV.

When on your journey of exploration through Paris on the La Vie en Rose film trail and Edith Piaf, you will then be directed to the cemetery called Cimeti?re du P?re Lachaise, which was where Edith Piaf was laid to rest on 11th October 1963.

The Archbishop of Paris at the time forbade a Mass, yet there were still around forty thousand fans that bombarded her ceremony at the Pere Lachaise Cemetary and brought the traffic around Paris to a standstill,

In fact this cemetery is the most famous and frequently visited cemetery in Paris and set in a beautiful landscaped park containing around 70,000 tombs, it has over two million visitors each year.

The last stop for the actual Paris Film Trail is a square at the intersection of Rue du Capitaine Ferber and Rue Belgrand, which was named Place Edith Piaf in her honour.  Then forty years after her death, the square was refurbished and officially inaugurated with a bronze statue which was unveiled by the Mayor of Paris.

However, close to the cemetery in the 11th arrondissement, there is a private museum called the Mus?e Edith Piaf, which is dedicated to the memory of this wonderful performer and you can get to see memorabilia, personal effects, etc, whilst listening to her music.

This very small Paris museum in a private residence is only open by prior appointment on a Monday to Thursday and after managing to find your way there, when you arrive you will see a plaque on the outside of the building that says 'Les Amis de Edith Piaf'.

So providing you plan your holiday in Paris well in advance, this is a very fitting end to the Le Vie en Rose Edith Piaf Film Trail and will provide an even greater insight into her life.

Edith Piaf film tour in Paris

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