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Les Car Rouges Buses In Paris France

The Car Rouges Buses are open topped double decker buses that take a set route around Paris stopping at the main tourist attractions.

There are actually two different firms that do the hop on and hop off bus service but Les Cars Rouges is the original one that first started operating back in 1991.

The Car Rouges just has the one route which takes you on a tour of Paris and nine major stops along the way and takes a total of about two and a half hours depending upon the time of day.

Car Rouges Buses

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- Travel Guide Paris
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Les Car Rouges Buses In Paris France

The good thing about this particular firm is that there are individual headphones supplied, that provide commentary in around eight different languages, which include French, English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Italian.

It is a standard two day pass that you purchase, so that you don't have to just do the tour, but you can utilise these buses to get around to many of the main tourist attractions and museums in Paris.

Once you have your pass, you can hop on and hop off of these buses as much as you want with no time restrictions or restraints, so that you can explore the area and its attractions at your leisure, and then you just catch another bus when you are ready to go on to the next place.

You can purchase the passes directly from the driver on the bus itself, which are around 22 Euros for an adults pass and approximately half this cost for a child, or you can also purchase these from the tourist information centres and you do not need to make reservations.

The route for Les Cars Rouges starts at the Eiffel Tower, then on to the Champ de Mars to the Mus?e du Louvre.  From there you travel to the Notre Dame Cathedral, continuing on to the Mus?e d'Orsay and then the Op?ra/Galeries Lafayette, then you will travel to the Avenue de Champs-Elys?es, but beware of the trees when up top as you turn the corner onto the Champs Elysees, because if you are on the right-hand side near the front, you could end up getting a few branches hitting you!  But from here you get to see the Grand Palais and then the Trocad?ro where the tour.

The Cars Rouges buses run every day of the year and start from most stops between 9.30am and 10.20am, with the last complete tour starting from the Eiffel Tower at 6.50pm.  In the summer time, the buses run approximately every 10 minutes, but in the winter months this is around every 25 minutes at any of the nine different stops.

The open air double decker buses are great for getting about Paris, and are well worth the money as you can get to all the main sights.  The Cars Rouges buses are cheaper than the L'OpenTour buses but do not do as many different stops, as the L'OpenTour buses generally follow similar routes to the metro, but these are slightly slower as well.

So if you are not in a hurry and have children with you, then these buses and the tours are absolutely fantastic, whereas the metro is quicker, providing you are good at map reading!

Just one point, remember to take your headsets with you when you leave the bus as you will need them when you get back on at a later time to listen to other commentary of where you are next travelling to.

Les Car Rouges Buses In Paris

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