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Ratatouille Film Trail in Paris

If you or your children are a fan of the animated movie Ratatouille, when you decide to visit Paris for your holiday, you can even follow the adventures of Remy through the streets of Paris with the Ratatouille film trail.

The Paris film trails are available from Tourist Information centres and are basically like a leaflet but in the form of a little guide and are available for different movies that take you on a journey of exploration, with anecdotes etc for you to discover Paris through the film.

The Ratatouille movie is based upon a rat called Remy who dreams of becoming a French chef, but there are very obvious reasons why this could be a very hard profession to get into, since no-one likes the idea of a rat in the kitchen!  Yet fate finds Remy in Paris under the restaurant of his favourite chef and this is where the real adventure begins.

Ratatouille Film Trail

- Ratatouille Film Trail
- Travel Guide Paris
- Transport and Tours
- Map of Paris

Ratatouille Film Trail in Paris

The first stop on the Ratatouille film trail in Paris is the famous Eiffel Tower, which was designed by Gustave Eiffel and has become the monumental symbol and well known landmark in France. 

Having had well over two hundred million visitors since it first opened, virtually everyone in the World has heard of the Eiffel Tower and this is how Remy realised he had ended up in Paris.  In the film you will see him gazing from the rooftops in awe at the City of Lights along with this Paris landmark

Remy's family also arrive in Paris and settle in the sewers beneath the city, but for Remy, he wants to live above ground and pursue his dream of becoming a great chef like his idol. 

Yet the second stop on the Paris film trail is a visit to the sewers.  Yes you read correctly, you can actually have a tour of the Paris sewers and learn about how drainage first started in Paris, through to their construction and what they are like today!  The Paris Sewers Museum is also called the Mus?e des Egouts and is located on the Left Bank of the River Seine but with the museum entrance only being a ticket booth on ground level, you have to look out for it or you could quite easily miss it.

In the movie, Remy is trying to escape from the tyrant chef called Skinner and he ends up jumping from bridge to bridge and boat to boat along the River Seine until eventually the horrible chef fall into the water.

And yes, you have guessed it, you take a walk along the River Seine viewing the sites as you go like the Petit Palais, the Palais de Tokyo and The Louvre to name but a few.  You will even get to see some lovely yachts that are moored at the Arsenal basin, which have been dug from the moats of the former Bastille fortress.

Now we cannot forget about the bridges that span the River Seine and there are actually over thirty bridges with the oldest being the Pont Neuf, which was first constructed in the 1600's.  There were quite a few bridges that featured in Ratatouille, which included the Pont St Michel and the Pont au Double, but you can also visit more recent additions such as the Charles de Gaulle bridge and it was along the banks of the River Seine that Remy's life changed for the better.

Remy's family and especially his father were totally against him living above ground and pursuing his dream of becoming a chef and he took Remy to see the shop called Aurouze, known as the Exterminator shop, which did shock Remy, but didn't stop him.

The shop itself has always specialised in pest control and does still exist even though it was originally founded back in1872.  Called the Julien Aurouze & Co and located on Rue des Halles close to Hotel de Ville, it has a very traditional and old fashioned style frontage.  But being one of the more unusual shops in Paris, it still supplies numerous gadgets and other products for getting rid of unwanted pests.

In the Ratatouille movie there was a restaurant called Gusteau that was home to the most famous chef in Paris and at one time had been the ultimate dining experience.  It is here that you see Remy pursuing his dream of becoming a great chef, just like his hero Gusteau.

However, you will not actually find any restaurants in Paris that are named Gusteau, but the film restaurant was inspired by the famous haute cuisine restaurant called the Tour d'Argent, which is probably one of the most famous restaurants throughout France if not in the World.

This marvellous restaurant with views of the Notre Dame Cathedral, the River Seine and the Eiffel Tower in the distance has been an inspiration to many and has seen many celebrity diners and royalty over the years and this is the last stop on the Ratatouille film trail in Paris.

There is a lot more information, pictures and anecdotes that are mentioned on the little guide available from the Tourist Information Centres, but we would not want to spoil your fun prior to this unusual way of seeing Paris.

Ratatouille Film Trail

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