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Pari Roller Skaters in Paris France

Pari Roller is a weekly touring ride of roller skaters, skate boarders and roller bladers and this particular event in Paris has the largest number of skaters in the World that gather every Friday night.

The organisation has been built up from the first ones that started in the streets, with unauthorised rides, which at the time there was just a small group of skaters who organised routes through the city of Paris to skate for pleasure and meet like minded people.

Pari Roller In Paris

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Pari Roller Skaters in Paris France

The Association, Pari Roller, has a mission to organise and promote the Friday night skating tour and encourage roller skating as a leisure activity, as a sport and as a means of transportation and is completely independent.

The Pari Roller's only partner is the Paris Police Department, which along with Pari Roller themselves, make sure that all of its participants and spectators are kept safe and this has meant the event has become very successful and is still growing in popularity today.

The Friday Night Fever Skate Tour is free and open to anyone who can control his or her speed on a pair of roller skates or roller blades and is a chance to go through the City of Paris in freedom.

Where and When the Pari Roller is Held

The tour is held every Friday night unless it is cancelled due to bad weather, when it is classified as too dangerous, such as slippery roads.

It starts at 10pm for a three hour ride around Paris and the starting point is in the 14th Arrondissement of Paris at the Place Raoul Dautry, which is in between the Montparnasse office tower and the Paris-Montparnasse train station. The roller skating ride through the Paris streets will finish at 1am on return to Montparnesse where you started out from.

The Friday Night Fever Route is different every week, but is always around 30km long, which is just over 18 miles and the route you will be taking that week is published on their web site on a Thursday.

Security and Medical Assistance

The Pari Roller association has been able to get things organised to a phenomenal level when it comes to the safety of its participants.

The Paris Police Headquarters provide the Pari Roller with a team of six police officers on motorcycles in which to open up the roads ahead, a further team of four mobile police officers on motorcycles for big intersections to stop traffic, and an additional team of twenty police officers who are also on skates within the procession.

Pari Roller also pays for the Paris "Protection Civile" which follows the procession in two ambulances, so that they are able to provide immediate medical assistance if necessary.

From its origins, the Friday Night Fever has always been intended for skaters who already have some experience and the routes include technical difficulties such as cobblestones and downhills on purpose and the speed of the procession is rather fast in order to raise the level.  Plus it is essential for your safety and that of the other participants that you definitely know how to brake, otherwise you will not be allowed to take part in this event.

However, there is another skate that is far more suited to beginners, which takes place on Sunday afternoons and starts at 2.30pm at Place de La Bastille, which is organised by the association Rollers & Coquillages.

There are specific rules in place and one of these is that anyone using a cycle, skateboard, scooter etc has to remain at the end of the procession to prevent accidents, as the different means of transport can cause problems whilst travelling the route.

There are lots of other rules in place, such as staying in the road and not on the paths, always overtake on the left, wear bright coloured clothes and leave one lane free for the volunteer staff to move up and down the procession and other guidelines, etc can be found on their website.

Plus you can also become a member of Pari Roller and within the membership fee you also get an insurance plan adapted to roller skating, which is valid 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, wherever you are in the world!

Address & Contact Details:

16 Bd Saint Germain

Pari Roller Skaters

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