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Paris Charms and Secrets Tours

Paris Charms and Secrets is a guided tour around Paris, but instead of the usual walking or mini bus tours, you actually travel around to the different sites on an electric bike and visit some very unusual places rather than just the usual famous Paris landmarks.

You will be able to discover places that are very little known along with some secluded and romantic spots accompanied by fascinating anecdotes and stories from the guide that will enchant and enthral you.

The departure and arrival point is always at the Place Vend?me which is in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris and it is here that you will meet up with a guide waiting in front of a granite entrance marked "ACCES LOUVRE", which is in front of a jewellery store called Chaumet.

Paris Charms Secrets

- Paris Charms Secrets
- Travel Guide Paris
- Transport and Tours
- Map of Paris

Paris Charms and Secrets Tours

Anyone who knows how to ride a bicycle and is taller than 1.50m is welcome on the tour, and because the tour uses proper cycle lanes, alleys, garden paths, and quiet back streets in the accompaniment of a professional tour guide, you will feel completely at ease and safe on the tour.

Now there are actually three tours conducted every day at 9.30am, 2.30pm and another at 8pm. The first two tours last for about four hours, but the evening tour only lasts for around three hours, and you can have either a French, English or Spanish speaking guide.

The Charms and Secrets Tour must be booked in advance, but if you are wondering what happens if when the weather takes a turn for the worse, well, they provide you with a raincoat, which is especially designed for their electric bikes, so that you can still enjoy the tour without getting wet!  Also, when it comes to the chillier days and cold weather they supply gloves and you can hire an electric heating jacket for 3€ for the duration of the tour.

There are some places in Paris that unfortunately are very steep to access and deter a lot of tourists from taking a walk in these areas, such as visiting the tiny yet famous vineyard of the Butte Montmartre or the obscure peasant village of the Mouzaia, but with the electric bike you will have no trouble. 

And so from the thermal spa to the Pont Neuf bridge over the River Seine, the Rue Mouffetard where you will stop in front of a house where masons discovered a fortune in gold coins back in 1938, an old monastery, ageless ruins, hidden gems such as an extravagant mountain chalet between modern buildings, you will get to hear about anecdotes, famous characters, obscure heroes and forgotten history.

Just to say that you will not be permanently sitting on the bicycle as sometimes, you will get to a destination and then take a short walk around the site for a few minutes while your guide recounts an interesting story.  But on other occasions you may just stop in front of one of the many Paris monuments such as The Louvre museum in Paris or the Eiffel Tower while your guide explains its significance.

In 2008 the Charms and Secrets tour was 45€ per person and is well worth it for an entirely different view of Paris, but you can also combine the best of Paris with an original electric bike tour and then sit back and relax on a boat and cruise down the river seine.  Paris Charms and Secrets have created what they call The Full Parisian Package where they have teamed up with Vedettes de Paris so you get a one hour boat cruise and a three hour bicycle tour for 60€ per person.

Address & Contact Details

Registered office:

Paris Charms and Secrets
106 Rue Vieille du Temple

Telephone: 1 40 29 00 00
Fax: 1 40 29 00 00
or the mobile on: 6 60 69 26 26

The Rendezvous Place:

Place Vendome
Ile de France

Paris Charms and Secrets

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