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Bars and NightClubs in Paris

There are lots of different styles of wine bars, and night clubs in Paris, with many of these having restaurants, you can be sure to have some great food along with a great evening on the dance floor.

Restaurant Dining - Restaurants with Shows - Bistros and Brasseries
Cafes and Tea Rooms - Bars and NightClubs - All Restaurants in Paris

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Alcazar Bar and Restaurant in Paris
The Alcazar restaurant and bar has a wide variety of options for all budgets from set menu lunches and dinners through to A la Carte and even a Sunday brunch, plus a menu specifically for children.

Le Sancerre Wine Bar In Paris
Le Sancerre has been a family run business wine bar that specialises in Sancerre wine, but not just the popular white, but also the red wines that are Pinot Noirs and have a slightly rustic yet intense fruity aroma.

Fish La Boissonnerie Bistro In Paris
Fish la Boissonnerie is a small Wine Bar and Bistro that is situated on the Left Bank of the River Seine in the 6th arrondissement of Paris.

Paris Bod?ga Restaurant In Paris
The Paris Bodega bar, nightclub and restaurant is actually located in an imposing former bank covering over 900m2 that is spread over 2 levels forming a single space with a ceiling height of 8m.

Saint Cyr Palace Nightclub And Restaurant In Paris
Saint Cyr Palace is a restaurant, a bar and a nightclub all rolled into one and if you want to get away from the typical French cuisine and try something different, then this restaurant has got be on your list.

Hall's Beer Tavern In Paris
Hall's Beer Tavern is exactly what you would expect from the name, with around two hundred different beers including numerous Belgium brews to choose, but they also serve some great food as well.

The Tribar In Paris
Tribar is a mixture of a restaurant, a bar and a cabaret venue and has dark red walls on interior and neon lights in a variety of colours bringing bright light for a variety of moods with two air-conditioned levels.

Moulin Rouge in Paris France
Moulin Rouge is French for Red Mill or windmill and is a traditional cabaret, built in 1889 by Joseph Oller

Le 1515 was the World Place Restaurant
The 1515 has a vast area and is an ideal venue for private celebrations, banquets, weddings along with corporate events - basically any type of get-together that you could possibly think of.

Stringfellow's Nightclub and Restaurant in Paris
Peter Stringfellow has now expanded on his success from the original British Stringfellows night club in London and at this Paris branch of Stringfellow's you will get to see beautiful dancers each night.

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Bars and NightClubs in Paris

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