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Abricadabra Théâtre In Paris France

Abricadabra is a company that presents shows for children, and also for the very young children, with the age starting from as low as one year old, they have a special play dedicated to the doudou, which is the French word for a child's cherished little blanket.

Abricadabra and Company is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1996 after they took over from the SANVIC Company, which was originally created way back in the year 1978.

Abricadabra Theatre

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Abricadabra Théâtre In Paris France

In the year 2002 they decided to base the centre for the children and their parents aboard the boat called Peniche Antipode and since then plays for both children and adults have been presented regularly.

The Abricadabra Theatre on board the Peniche Antipode is docked on the River Seine across from 69 Quai de la Seine, which is located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, France.

Also for the pleasure of parents, there is a lovely bar that offers a variety of fair trade products to buy, but bear in mind that it is only docked in Paris from the beginning of September until the end of June, but excludes the month of January.

This is a unique experience with a wide variety of shows and concerts and you can have a look at their website that is full of photographs, but it is in French only, but you can translate this using someone like google.

They also do theatre classes and for adolescents these are held on a Wednesday from 4:30pm through to 6:30pm and for adults they are held on a Monday from 8pm through to 10:30pm.  For more information you can contact them on telephone number 1 60 15 24 99.

The Fair Trade Bar is open at different times and has themed activities from different discussions and exhibitions through to educational games and you can get to meet like minded people over a fair trade drink.

On Saturdays and holidays it opens from 2pm and on Wednesdays and Sundays it opens at 5pm.  If the weather is not nice or it is cold, then this will be held within the boat, or if it is warm, then drinks, etc are taken on to the deck, which enables everyone to enjoy the views.

The Peniche Antipode can also be rented out for your cocktail party, conference, photo shoots, shows, weddings etc and the boat is very well equipped with light and sound, a bar, stage and a lovely deck area, which definitely make a venue with a difference. 

For further information about renting this, you can telephone them on 1 40 03 03 84 or the mobile 06 50 09 64 75.

The children's theatre has lots of different productions according to age, so it is always advisable to check when these are being shown and you can do this by telephoning 1 42 03 39 07 and the venue has a specially converted space and exhibitions for your children.

This lovely boat is designed to be friendly and welcoming and for the older people amongst us, there are productions and comedies and floating concerts along with unusual evenings on a Thursday, which are known as "Jeudis de la Ziq.  Along with fair trade snacks available it is a reasonable price ranging from 5 Euros to around 15 Euros depending upon the show.

Address & Contact Details:

Abricadabra Théâtre
Peniche Antipode
Bassin de la Villette
69 Quai de la Seine

Telephone: 1 42 03 39 07

Abricadabra Théâtre In Paris

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