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Académie du Spectacle Equestre Shows Held at the Chateau de Versailles

The Académie du Spectacle Equestre is an equestrian academy that focuses on teaching the equestrian arts of things like dressage and run by Bartabas, they provide shows for the public.

Bartabas himself is well known for his superb shows in which equestrian skills combine with modern arts and he is also associated with the Théâtre Equestre Zingaro in Aubervilliers just outside of Paris, which he founded and has expertly managed for many years.

Spectacle Equestre

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Académie du Spectacle Equestre Shows Held at the Chateau de Versailles

Bartabas is an exceptionally talented horseman who has always tried to pass on the skills of equestrian display through advanced training and his quest became a complete reality in 2003, when the very first Equestrian Show Academy was set up in the prestigious stables of the Chateau de Versailles in France.

The Académie du Spectacle Equestre is an academy that specialises in teaching equestrian arts and is run by Bartabas and he recruits experienced riders from all over the world who train here on the equestrian performance arts, and like any other artist, the Academy's equerries practice everyday with their horses.

The academy is open to visits from the general public and shows are performed at set times, but you can also get to see the stables and the training, which will provide you with access to work within the ring and a greater understanding of this ancient art.

The Les Matinales des écuyers will allow you to discover these dressage sessions against a baroque musical background, which is followed by a visit to the Grand Stables that have been restored at the Chateau de Versailles, which is a short journey from the City of Paris.

The cavalry

There are around 30 horses that now live in the restored 17th century royal stables of the Chateau de Versailles and most of them are Lusitanian.  It was their distinct colouring of their cream coloured coat and their blue eyes that were originally appreciated by King Louis XIV and they have always had a fantastic reputation.  However, there are other horses in the cavalry, such as Argentine Criollos, black Arab thoroughbreds, one Shire horse, an Andalusian and a Quarter Horse.

Each horse will work according to its level of training and each student rider is responsible for two horses, a confirmed one and a novice one and some of the confirmed horses already have the experience of public performances within the Théâtre Equestre Zingaro.

The Riders

There are over fifteen Equerries that follow a curriculum and they live and work together in Versailles and they are of different nationalities and every year there are new riders joining the Academy, but all have the same goals of gaining experience and later becoming permanent riders of Academy.

There are currently five riding instructors, but every year there are new instructors being appointed so as to expand the group further and each one is responsible for initiating student equerries by teaching them how to invest themselves in their work, not just for the benefit of themselves and the group, but also for the stage-work, as the ultimate objective is to produce the phenomenal performances that are associated with Bartabas.

The Académie du Spectacle Equestre's internal organisation allows the riders to gain some responsibilities within the Academy depending upon their competence, motivations and seniority.

The Académie du Spectacle Equestre stages hour long shows directed by Bartabas, that are held on weekend afternoons and feature the horses performing to music, sometimes with their riders and sometimes without.

And in the converted manège at the Grandes Écuries opposite the Chateau de Versaille you can also get to experience some morning shows that feature academy students, along with evening performances and some incredibly artistic fencing displays.

Please do bear in mind that the Chateau de Versailles is closed on Mondays and some holidays, so it is always best to check the opening times and also the performance times at the Académie du Spectacle Equestre prior to your arrival.

Address & Contact Details:

Académie du Spectacle Equestre
Grande Écurie du Château de Versailles
Avenue Rockfeller

Telephone: +33 892 681 891 (0,34€/mn)

Académie du Spectacle Equestre Shows

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