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Aquaboulevard Water Park In Paris France

Aquaboulevard is a large aquatic indoor recreational water park that is in Paris and there a very few cities that can boast this, but even more boasting is allowed, as the Aquaboulevard is the biggest water park in Europe.

Dedicated to providing enjoyment and fun for virtually all ages, Aquaboulevard has beautiful tropical surroundings, with the air and water inside the complex being kept at a very comfortable 29 degrees Celsius all year.

Aquaboulevard Paris

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Aquaboulevard Water Park In Paris France

The Aquaboulevard is situated within a massive sports complex that has tennis courts, a complete gym, squash courts and a fitness centre along with lots of other facilities, which is a great place to keep up with your sporting passion or just to go and have some fun and relax.

As well as the indoor part of Aquaboulevard, there is an outside section with outdoor pools, even a beach and a grass area for sunbathing.

The Aquaboulevard is situated in the 15th Arrondissement of Paris and has parking for up to 900 cars.  It is spread throughout 7000 square metres and is a great place for all the family, or if you are staying in Paris for a while, then becoming a member of the Forest Hill Club and meeting people is a great way of not just keeping fit, but socialising as well.

In addition to what we have already mentioned, on this large site you will also find a 14 screen cinema complex and no less than seven restaurants and one that overlooks the pool does some fantastic meat dishes, plus there is a sports store and a play area.

Now getting back to the Aqua Park itself.  You will find that Aquaboulevard has absolutely fantastic water slides and if you like long water slides then you definitely need to give the Aquaplouf a try at 80 metres, but for a far faster descent down a slide, the Aquaturbo may be just right, but personally a bit extreme for us. 

There is also a wave machine in one particular pool that is turned on and off at different intervals throughout the day and we think it was about every half an hour, but there are lots of other pools as well, so all members of the family can enjoy themselves, plus there are some lovely and relaxing Jacuzzi's to enjoy as well.

Personally the cost for getting in is quite a bit, it was 25 Euros, but you can understand why, when you see what Aquaboulevard has to offer, yet you must also make sure that you have some loose change with you for lockers and other things like sun loungers or parasols, which you have to hire.

Also, within any public swimming pool in France everyone must have fitted swim wear, so the men are not allowed to wear shorts, they need to be trunks like a professional swimmer would wear and the ladies have to wear a full swimming costume.  This is also the same for the children as well, so be prepared, otherwise you will have to purchase these in the shop before being allowed to go in.

Obviously this is a place that is fantastic for the children and it does get very noisy and apparently on a Wednesday and at the weekends it is so busy that you are best to avoid it on these days if possible.  Also, the school holidays cause a major influx of families and loads of excited screaming children, so if you are after a quiet time, then this will not be for you.

However, do bear in mind that children under the age of three are not allowed into the Aqua Park and an adult must accompany any child below the age of twelve.  Also, if you only wish to pay the children's rate for someone under twelve, then you must provide proof of age, such as with a passport.

The Aquaboulevard is open seven days a week from 9am to 9pm during the weekdays and from 8am through to 9pm at the weekends.

Address & Contact Details:

4 to 6 Rue Louis Armand

Telephone: 1 40 60 10 00

Aquaboulevard Water Park In Paris

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