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Activity Holidays Within France

Wine tasting holidays, yoga holidays, painting holidays and many others such as traditional French cooking holidays are just some of the activity breaks on offer in France.

With such a vast country of varying cultures, landscapes and different regions you can travel to, France makes the perfect place to go for a tranquil getaway whilst enjoying your activity holiday.

So if you like Yoga, then you can practice gentle yoga with caring and experienced teachers in idyllic settings, plus you can take guided nature walks in unspoilt countryside, or if you feel like being pampered, then there are a variety of different holistic therapy holidays, where you can really treat yourself and relax in beautiful surroundings.

Another traditional art that has become popular in France is Tai Chi, which is all about health and therapy using your own internal body energy.  And with classes and dedicated breaks in lots of towns and villages throughout this beautiful country, you could end up with feelings of wellbeing and inner strength you never knew you had!

We all know that France is a country proud of its good food and good wine to accompany it, and what better place could you go to for a cooking holiday.  For those of you who are into learning more about French culinary delights, there are cooking courses available in most areas of France, where you can learn to cook some of their traditional dishes, whilst enjoying the pleasures of tasting the local gourmet cuisine from top chefs right through from pate to grilled fish and deserts that look too lovely to devour!

Activity Holidays in France
Family Activity Holidays in France

But a cooking holiday in France is not just about being in the kitchen.  The idea of these courses is to get you out and about by experiencing the culture of the area, take tours and visiting the local markets, so that you can explore their delicacies, enabling you to create the perfect meals for incredible dining experiences that will be a delight to your family and friends back home.   

A wine tour is also another popular activity holiday and the vast collections of vineyards can make for a truly educational and worthwhile experience.  Plus you get to experience the different types of wines and end up knowing exactly what to look for when back home.

There is no doubt about it, that France is the ultimate destination for wine tasting and although Bordeaux has always been the most popular place to visit, there are numerous other areas such as Burgundy and the Champagne Ardenne region.  After you have walked around a vineyard on a hot summer's day, then entering the cellars to cool down while experimenting with different wines can be an experience you will never forget.  But the great thing about a wine tasting holiday, is that you get expert advice and tours rather than muddling through on your own, so you can impress your friends with your knowledge when you get back home for those pleasurable evening dinners!

If you have thought about making your own pots and ornaments but do not know where to start, then maybe a ceramics course is just for you.  Gaining inspiration from your surroundings, you start by learning how to make and then decorate lots of items from vases to plates so that you can take your new found talents and works of art home with you as reminder of your activity holiday in France.  Limousin region is famous for its ceramics and the museum in Limoges can provide more inspiration than most would get in a lifetime, but there are numerous other areas in France that provide ceramics courses. 

Almost as old as time itself, pottery is a traditional craft and what could be better than having a pottery break in an old restored chateau or barn.  You can enjoy learning the traditional methods of moulding wet clay, managing the potter's wheel, firing the clay and then finishing off your beautiful pots, so by the end of your holiday you will be able to bring home with you the results of your artistic flair from the skills you have learned.

France is also famous for its artists and wherever you go, you will always spot someone sketching or painting.  There are numerous drawing and painting holidays available, which are set in the most beautiful countryside settings, where you can learn new techniques to paint and draw with skill and flair or just brush up on the skills you already have.

Many of these will incorporate trips to museums and galleries along with tutorials.  But rather than just being stuck in a studio, the emphasis is put on leisure and pleasure by getting out and about in the area, so that you can experience a variety of different scenarios from landscape painting to architecture.  This enables the budding artist to experiment in areas they may not have considered before, even using different materials, so you can have a holiday full of enjoyment and inspiration.

A lot of courses will happily cater for individuals or for small groups and vary in duration from a weekend break through to a full week.  There are, of course, activity holidays available for all levels of experience and whilst you tour and learn by day, each evening you can sit down to gastronomic delights, fine wines and interesting conversation with like-minded people. 

Activity Holidays

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