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Atelier Maitre Albert Restaurant In Paris

The Atelier Maitre Albert is an old fashioned restaurant that has been revamped into a warm and friendly rotisserie with the menu being designed by famous Michelin star chef Guy Savoy and chef Emmanuel Monsallier.

The interior has an unusual décor, which is a mix of traditional and modern with modern type tables, glass surfaces and grey chairs, marble floors, old timber beams and limestone walls, plus a very large ornate fireplace in the main dining room that dates back to the 13th century and is considered one of the most beautiful fireplaces in Paris.

Atelier Maitre Albert

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Atelier Maitre Albert Restaurant In Paris

At the end of the room there is a rotisserie and apart from the old fireplace, it is this roasting spit that dominates the space where you will see duck breast, veal, ham, beef, guinea fowls, chickens, wild boar etc all roasted before your own eyes.

As you can no doubt imagine, this restaurant in Paris is very popular place, with a warm, friendly and lively atmosphere and of course the specialities are the roast meats, which is a dying tradition in many of the French restaurants, but there are lots of other choices you have as well, such as oysters, squid and monkfish.

Situated on the Left Bank of the River Seine in the Latin Quarter, just across from the Notre Dame Cathedral in the 5th Arrondissement it has two sittings of an evening and is open until late, so you can even enjoy a meal here after you have been to the Opera or even after cruising the River Seine admiring the city all lit up.

Every day there is an additional different starter, main course and dessert, like a Today's special, which is specifically selected to incorporate the produce and different flavours that are available that day and the delectable aromas that you smell the minute you walk in to Atelier Maitre Albert, make this place one you will not forget and one you will want to revisit when you next go back to Paris.

Restaurant Guide Key Points

Atelier Maitre Albert is open in the evening from 6.30pm to 11.30pm on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday.

But on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday it is open in the evening from 6.30pm to 1am.

This restaurant is open for lunch from noon until 2.30pm Monday to Friday.

It is suitable for all the family, however, reservations are highly recommended, as they get extremely booked, even though they have two sittings every evening.  We would say it is a must to book in advance!

Although there is no particular dress code, of a lunch time you will find many business men and women in suits and in the evening, like the Parisians do, you will find many people dressed elegantly and smartly, but it is not essential, people do turn up in jeans, etc!

For those of you who like to have a smoke, there is a cigar room.

You can have a three-course meal from 40€ upwards not including drinks.

There is also a wine cellar that is devoted to (obviously) wine, but also wine tasting and this can also be booked for small private gatherings. 

The nearest Metro station is the Maubert (line 7).

Address & Contact Details:

Rotisserie Autour de la Cheminee
1 Rue Maitre Albert

Telephone: 1 56 81 30 01
Fax: 2 53 10 83 23

Atelier Maitre Albert Restaurant

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