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Carp Fishing in Aquitaine Region

We decided that we wanted to go to the Aquitaine region of France to go carp fishing because of the weather, as it has really hot summers and a beautiful yet dry climate.

The particular lake we picked on years ago was called Rainbow Lake and reasonably near to Bordeaux and when we first visited this venue it was virtually unheard of, yet it has now broken one of the European, French carp records for the largest carp caught, which was over 80lb, a real rod bending experience, but there are rumours of much larger carp yet to be caught in France, so who knows how long it will be before we see the 100lb carp!

Aquitaine Province

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Carp Fishing at Rainbow Lake in Aquetaine Region

There are numerous different swims to choose from and vary in size from a swim for a small bivvy through to a swim that you can get a caravan on.  There are swims that are named such as the black beach and the honeymoon swim which we have fished from and have some great features to fish to, although in this lake you do have to consider that there are numerous snags to deals with, so be prepared to work for that fish of a lifetime.

We were told to watch out for falling pine cones and it is not until you see the size of them you realise why they say it.  Being a good size lake situated in the middle of this pine forest, you have the added benefit of being able to drive right the way round the lake, and this is great for getting your gear to the exact spot you want to fish, but it is quite a hike from some swims if you wish to get back to facilities and interesting in itself!  But the very well maintained facilities include a dedicated toilet and shower block, plus there is a bar next door and a point for you to get fresh water.

Pascal is the person on site and he is so helpful, from tips of where to fish from your swim, through to making your stay comfortable.  In fact, if you have ever read any of our other fishing articles, you will gather that we do this as a family and the first time we visited Rainbow Lake our daughter was only just over two years of age, and Pascal was initially very surprised (and probably some what worried), yet extremely accommodating, especially when he realised how good she was and we had a very pleasant experience, with many carp over 30lb and some in to the 40lbs

You have got to laugh (and we did afterwards) but on another trip down there we had sparks flying from a wheel of our trailer whilst going past numerous vans without even realising, that is until pulling into the petrol station to refuel and realising we had hardly any tyre!!  Anyway, we met up with a bunch of lads that were also fishing at Rainbow Lake that we had overtaken at some point and you can imagine the comments.  But seriously, they made us look amateurs when it came to the fishing, with the proper bait boats, depth finders, etc.  It made our set up look like we were just going to be there for a few days of fun!  Yet Pascal was also helpful not just for the fishing but even for us getting the tyre repaired - plus we managed to beat the best weight for one of those lads on the carp they caught.  Mind you, one did catch a 52lb and that is something we have never been able to do on any lake we have fished so far (but perhaps that is us, not the lake!).

Most people and us included say the for the first couple of days of carp fishing things are actually quite slow and this was the same every time we visited Rainbow Lake.  Yet with the right tactics and bait you could end up coming away with a personal best, which we did every time.  The fish are definitely there, yet some are becoming far more wary and far more difficult to catch, let alone large enough to break the line or rod!

Have to also mention the sturgeon that the lake holds, which are great to catch, and are so accommodating when you are taking those pictures.

As with a lot of fishing lakes, this is not designed for families as there are no children's facilities available, but there are places to go only a short drive away such as a swimming lake, yet like our daughter, providing they are very well behaved they are more than welcome.

There are also some really secluded spots on this lake and others where you can set up at least two sets of rods, but over the years the venue has become very well known, especially with its record breaking carp, so it is best to book early, especially if you know that you want a certain swim.

So if you want to go to a carp fishing lake in the Aquitaine region of France, with a proven track record then Rainbow Lake has got to be one of your lakes on your list of venues to visit.

Adress & Contact Details:

Rainbow Lake
Lac de Curton
B.P. 17

Tel: 5 56 65 70 89

Carp Fishing at Rainbow Lake in Aquetaine

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