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Caviar Kaspia Restaurant In Paris

The Caviar Kaspia restaurant has provided over 80 years of caviar excellence since it was first founded back in 1927 by Arcady Fixon who emigrated from Russia, and originally situated on Rue des Mathurins, it moved to Place de la Madeleine in 1953.

It is a place of luxury and refinement with its woodwork and old pictures, porcelains and art objects where you are bathed in soft subtle light whilst dining at its round tables adorned with tablecloths the colour of the sea and in an elegant setting fit for a queen.

Caviar Kaspia will be able to offer you authentic flavours of the sea and soil with the most obvious being caviar that imitate Russian varieties from the 1800's and you will be especially pleased to know that you can sample from a great selection including sevruga, osetra and the most expensive beluga.

Caviar Kaspia

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Caviar Kaspia Restaurant In Paris

However, they also provide dishes that include smoked fish, wild salmon from Norway and Scotland, fatty liver and Iberian hams along with the very extensive vintage wine and champagne list for the appropriate accompaniment, plus they have over sixty different vodka's which is the widest choice of vodka's available in Paris.

The menu offers numerous different ways of consuming the caviar but you could also try delights such as the medallions of lobster from Brittany or dishes created with crab and herring as well.

This restaurant in Paris has become like an institution for the rich, famous and connoisseurs and although there are some quite reasonably priced meals available such as Tagliatelle with Wild Smoked Salmon for only around 25€ there are set menus and the very expensive Russian Caviar's that can run into absolute hundreds of Euros.

Caviar Kaspia is located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris with a breathtaking view overlooking the Madeleine church.  And along with the restaurant there is also a boutique that offers an exceptional range of caviar, wild salmon, smoked fish and a selection of other products including a range of unusual and rare gifts along with the extensive range of vodkas.

So even if you feel that this top table restaurant may be slightly out of reach for a gourmet meal and night out, you could always go to the shop and purchase some indulgences for when you go back home.  But if you just cannot even manage to travel to this Paris restaurant, then you could also enjoy the same quality of food and dining experience at their sister restaurant that they opened in London.

Restaurant Guide Key Points

You cannot dine at the Caviar Kaspia unless you have reserved a table and the dress code is smart upscale chic, bordering more towards the formal.

There are set menus such as the Splendeurs du Caviar for around 320€ per person, and the Menu Sanka for approximately 140€, plus of course you have the A la Carte menu.

The boutique itself is open on a Monday to Saturday from 10am through to 1am in the morning.

Please do bear in mind that the restaurant and boutique are normally closed for a couple of weeks in August.

The nearest Metro station is the Madeleine.

Address & Contact Details

Caviar Kaspia
17 Place de la Madeleine

Telephone: 1 42 65 33 32
Fax: 1 42 65 66 26

Caviar Kaspia

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