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les Étangs de Cergy-Neuville Activity Centre Paris

This is a very large outdoor activity centre with something to keep everyone amused from the youngest to the oldest in your family, right through from activities such as swimming and kayaking to mini-golf, tennis, pedalos, cycling, wind surfing and even a childrens playground.

This leisure centre is open all year round, although some amusements like the swimming lake are going to be far more seasonal, but it is an ideal place to enjoy your favourite sport or try something new.  Then when you need a break, you can opt for a bite to eat in one of the many snack bars, which serve food such as sandwiches, chips, ice creams and the all important refreshments to quench your thirst.

Activity Centre Paris

- Activity Centre Paris
- Travel Guide Paris
- Entertainment In Paris
- Map of Paris

les Étangs de Cergy-Neuville Activity Centre Paris

However, you could opt to have a picnic in the vast yet very well kept grounds, or even book BBQ facilities that are situated in pleasant surroundings at different areas of the leisure park, but do bear in mind that open fires are not allowed at all, but you can also bring along your own BBQ.

The snack bars are only open from April through to September and there is a new snack bar that is great to sit out on the terrace and watch the water skiers practising and on an average most food purchased is under 5€ but lets take a quick look at some of the facilities on offer..

White water

The white water centre is the very first in Europe and only the second in the world after the Australian facilities in Sydney and it is designed to let people practise rafting, canoeing, kayaking or hydrospeed and there is also the possibility of booking lessons.

This facility is open from May until September and is suitable for anyone over the age of 10 providing they can swim at least 25 metres and access to the river and white water along with the equipment supplied is an approximate cost of 18€ per person for one hour, although some white water activities can be a higher cost.

Tennis and Badminton

There are 11 outdoor tennis courts and two indoor tennis courts plus six badminton courts that are open all year round.  On an average the cost for an outdoor tennis court is 6.50€  for one hour.


The mini-golf is an 18-hole course that in Britain is often referred to as crazy golf, yet is a great family fun activity that will certainly help to improve the precision of your putt and it is open all year round.  The cost is around 4€ per person although children under the age of 18 only pay 3.50€ unless it is at a weekend when there are no discounted rates, but to find out the times and for more information, just telephone them on 1 30 30 21 55.

Cergy Pontoise Swimming Lake 

This is a large outdoor lake with plenty of activities and amusements for all the family and offers 5,000 square metres of fine sand, a giant water slide of 150 metres, an upright multilane slide, a wading pool, standard swimming area and water games.

It is open from May through to the start of September and even has lifeguards, plus there are two snack bars close by for when you get hungry or thirsty. It is open from noon through to 7pm, but on weekends and on the national holidays it opens at 10.30am and closes at 7pm.


On the pond called La Folie you can practise your windsurfing skills from the months of April through to September on a 225 acre lake.  The Centre does offer windsurf rentals, but you can also bring your own one, yet whichever option you choose there is a fee to use the facility, but you will be pleased to know that it is also manned by lifeguards and for more information you would need to telephone: 1 30 30 87 50.


Cable-ski or in Britain we would know this sport as water skiing and it is actually a very original concept in the Ile-de-France region.

You will be able to practise water skiing or wake boarding by being towed on a cable with a 820 metre loop at anything between 30 and 55 kilometres per hour and ten skiers can practise at the same time.

The facilities have been improved considerably over the last few years and now have two terraces that overlook the lakes and one of these is purely for spectators, along with a dedicated changing area and a dedicated snack bar for fast food. 

All the equipment such as wetsuit and skis are supplied, but if you wanted to wake board then this would be an additional cost for the hire on top of the cost for the seesion which is three laps.

There are of course numerous other activities that we have not mentioned such as cycling, but situated not far from the City of Paris, it is a great place for a family fun day out.

Now thought we had better mention that car parking is a charge of around 4€ per car on weekends and national holidays from the end of march to the end of September.  However, during weekdays and at all other times of the year, then it is completely free to park.

To get to the Étangs de Cergy-Neuville for Paris via car you would need to take the A15 motorway and then Exit 9 in the direction of Cergy and follow the signs saying les Etangs de Cergy-Neuville.

Address & Contact Details:

les Etangs de Cergy-Neuville
Rue des Etangs 

Telephone:  01 30 30 21 55 
Fax:  01 30 30 87 95 

Outdoor Activity Centre Paris

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