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Chateau Chantilly and the Petits Appartements

The Chateau de Chantilly stands at the heart of a large domain that covers an area of approximately 7,800 hectaresand is located in one of the largest forests near Paris called Le Massif de Trois Forêts, which includes the Chantilly, Halatte and Ermonville forests.

The Petits Appartements of the Chateau de Chantilly are open to the public to visit when exploring the rest of the glorious castle and were the private rooms of the Duc and Duchesse d'Aumale, which were bequeathed to the Institute de France by the Duc d'Aumale upon his death.

Chateau de Chantilly

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Chateau Chantilly and the Petits Appartements

They are situated in the Petit Chateau and look out over the large balcony that stands above the moat and these are accessed by the Escalier d'Honneur or in English called the Staircase of Honour and shortly after the Duc d'Aumale's marriage to Princess de Salerne, he had these decorated by the Romantic painter Eugène Lami during the years 1845 and 1846.

The Chateau de Chantilly has a vast museum called the Conde Museum and is the only museum to hold three Raphael paintings apart from the very famous French museum, The Louvre, but whilst exploring this museum, you cannot miss seeing the Petits Appartements that consist of nine really beautifully decorated rooms.

The Salon de Guise

The Salon de Guise was actually the Duchess's Anti-chamber and this particular room houses family portraits, which includes the portrait of the Duc d'Aumale at the age of nine that was produced by Robert Fleury.  Other portraits are of his two sons, Le Prince de Condé, who unfortunately died in 1866 at the age of twenty-one and the Duc de Guise, who died in 1872 at the age of eighteen, which is why the Duc d'Aumale had no heirs in which to pass the Chantilly to.

Chambre de la duchesse

The Duchess's bedroom called the Chambre de la Duchesse is decorated in a style that was very much in fashion during the July Monarchy.  You will be able to see a large canopied bed and padded furniture with King Louis XV style chairs.  There is also a Neogothic prayer stool and the ceiling has been painted beautifully with birds, roses and a monogram of the Duchess, which was completed in 1845.

The Duchess's bedroom is covered in violet satin and brocaded with silver, which is reproduced on the furniture. The Grohe brothers who were the cabinet makers for King Louis Philippe produced the inlaid furniture and the piano that you will also be able to view here.

Petite Singerie

Know as the Little Monkey Room, the Petite Singerie is situated on the ground floor of the Petit Chateau and stands between the apartments of the Duc and Duchesse de Bourbon.

Chambre du Duc d'Aumale

The Chambre du Duc d'Aumale was the Duc's bedroom and contains a very military style bed and an incredible roll top desk that was also produced by the Grohe cabinet makers and was given to Duc d'Aumale as a present from King Louis Philippe in 1845.

Above the bed you will be able to see a portrait of his mother, Queen Maria Amélie, when she was still Duchess d'Orleans and the Duc d'Aumale as a young child that were produced by the Baron Gerard.

Incredibly, his bathroom was provided with hot and cold water.

The Salon de Condé and the Salle de Marbre

The Salon de Condé and the Salle de Marbre, or Marble Room were both decorated in the Renaissance style and both rooms have a chimney.

Within these rooms you will be able to see a bust of the Duc de Bourbon and a bust of the Duc d'Orleans, called The Souvenir des Orleans, plus furniture that had been inspired by the 16th century. 

And after the year 1886, the Petits Appartements were centrally heated and lit by gas.

General Information:

The Chateau de Chantilly is only about an hour from the City of Paris and travelling by car from Paris you would need to take the A1 motorway, Autoroute du Nord and take the Chantilly exit or from Lille you would need to take the Survilliers exit.

To get to Chantilly by train from Paris you can go from the Gare du Nord, which takes around 30 minutes or from Chatelet les Halles on the RER line D that takes around 45 minutes.

The Chateau de Chantilly is open every day of the week except for a Tuesday and on national holidays.

From 1st April through to the end of October it is open from 10am to 6pm.

From November through to the end of March the castle is open from 10.30am to 5pm.

Address & Contact Details:

Chateau de Chantilly
BP 70243

Telephone: 3 44 27 31 80

For Group Information and Reservations Telephone: 3 44 27 31 80

The Petits Appartements

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