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Chez Papa Restaurants In Paris

Chez Papa means With Dad or At Daddy's and is actually a chain of restaurants where there are five in Paris, but by going from one to another you would never actually think of them as a chain as each one all have their own individual character.

The original Chez Papa and the most famous one is situated on Rue Lafayette in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris, but after it became so popular, other restaurants were opened up in different parts of the city.

Chez Papa Restaurant

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Chez Papa Restaurants In Paris

These are lively places where you can enjoy a hearty meal with great traditional style French food focusing on specialities from the South and South West of France, but you can also just go there for a drink as well, even without ordering any food.

Another venue known as the Chez Papa Restaurant and Jazz club, situated on Rue St Benoit in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris, is a great place for a meal whilst enjoying live music from jazz bands, or just popping there for an evening out with friends and great music.

These restaurants in Paris are not as fancy as top restaurants, yet have a very welcoming, lively and friendly atmosphere where you can see pictures on the walls from Papa, the founder, and the meals served are decent sized portions, which is quite a novelty in Paris! 

Some of the delights on offer can include duck with leeks, cassoulet, the Chez Papa salad which includes cheese, fried potatoes, ham and duck, but they are also vegetarian friendly, as many of the meals can be arranged without meat for people.

Restaurant Guide Key Points

Chez Papa is open every day of the week for both lunch and dinner and does not close until early hours of the morning.

Suitable for all the family and no particular dress code.

The cost of a meal is very reasonable and probably one of the cheapest you will find in Paris.  Especially when you consider the size of the dishes served and the quality of the French cuisine, these have become an instant hit in Paris!  You can get a lunch for around 10€ and a dinner for around 20€ upwards, but some options start as low as 7€.

They do not take reservations and it is highly recommended to arrive at the beginning of lunch or dinner, as they get so busy you could end up waiting a couple of hours to get a table.

Addresses & Contact Details:

Chez Papa
29 Rue de l'arcade

Telephone: 1 42 65 43 68

Chez Papa
6 Rue Gassendi

Telephone: 1 43 22 41 19

Chez Papa
206 Rue Lafayette

Telephone: 1 42 09 53 87

Chez Papa
101 Rue de la Croix-Nivert

Telephone: 1 48 28 31 88

Chez Papa
3 Rue St Benoit

Telephone: 1 42 86 99 63

Chez Papa Restaurants

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