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Cirque Diana Moreno Bormann In Paris

The Cirque Diana Moreno Bormann calls itself the favourite circus of Parisians and is a traditional family run circus that has all of the family members involved, right through to the youngest of their children.

From acrobats to clowns and jugglers to the trapeze artists, the performance with keep all ages enthralled, and with their professionalism of the incredible and daring acts of the high wire, to the humour and comedy of the clowns you will come away from this circus with so many memories.

Cirque Diana Moreno

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- Map of Paris

Cirque Diana Moreno Bormann In Paris

The grandfather is a clown and even involves his great-grandson, while the father, mother, sons, daughters, nieces, cousins, etc are all involved and working as a rather large family, and all of the generations enrich each other with their knowledge and have that same dedication to bring joy to all who may visit this remarkable circus.

Paris is a very popular destination for circus acts from all over the world and this city play host to the annual Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, which is a show of young new circus talent and there are often temporary circuses set up here.  But there are two well-known permanent circuses that include the historic Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione and the Cirque Diana Moreno Bormann, which is the largest animal circus in Paris.

At the Cirque Diana Moreno Bormann even the animals are treated as family members and from the tame Bengal tigers to doves, zebras through to dogs, camels through to snakes and ponies through to yaks, you will get to see a show like no other.

The entrance is welcoming, the seats are comfortable and the visibility is great whether you are in the stalls or near the back and the show is jam packed full of excitement that does not stop from the minute it starts to the time it finishes and you will bring your children away full of awe.

The Cirque Diana Moreno Bormann is situated in the 19th arrondissement of Paris and holds a show at 3pm on a Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and if it is your birthday when you go, then you will even get a mention to make the day even more special.

The circus also conducts visits of its wings and workshops, which start in the morning where you are told about installing and dismantling different equipment, makeup, how to set up props, etc. Also you can visit the animals and learn about how they are fed and trained, etc. Then it is time for lunch and afterwards there is time to play around before getting into your seats ready for the show to begin.  Obviously, these have to be booked in advance, but it can be a most fascinating and incredible experience.

The traditional circus is still very much alive in Paris and the Diana Moreno-Bormann Circus is everything a circus should be from the entertaining to the thrilling and the traditional values of a family-run business who transmit their skills from generation to generation.

So what are you waiting for? Get to the circus and join in with this tradition of fun that has enthralled thousands for many years.

Address & Contact Details:

112 Rue de la Haie Coq
Porte d'Aubervilliers

Telephone: 1 64 05 36 25
Fax: 1 64 05 85 86
Mobile: 06 10 71 83 50

Cirque Diana Moreno Bormann

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