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L'Espace Dali Museum

L'Espace Dali is an art museum located in the 18th Arrondissement right next to the picturesque Place du Tertre in the Montmartre area of Paris, France and is dedicated to the work of the surrealist artist Salvador Dali.

The Espace Dali museum is situated in an extremely unusual underground space that was originally used to display the history of Montmartre and contains many different drawings, cartoons, and sculptures as well as a few paintings from this surrealist artist Salvador Dali.

L'Espace Dali Museum

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L'Espace Dali Museum In Paris France

Salvador Dali was born on 11 May 1904 in Figueras, Spain and although he was initially an Impressionist, he discovered Cubism in 1921 and then in 1929 he met Gala, which was the woman that gave him inspiration and became his life-long companion.

Dali had a very controversial personality and the museum is a very unusual experience, which shows the same attributes by defying conventional aesthetics and is circled by black walls, plus utilises an unusual lighting and sound system and most of the exhibits are sculptures and this museum manages to capture the artists love for the incredible, the fantastic and the bizarre, along with his obsession of melting snails!

Salvador Dali was an extraordinary man, being a showman and genius, though he was known to be a bit strange and he claimed that all people would love him at some point, which was the sort of statements he would make, but people do tend to have strong feelings about him, either loving or hating Dali and his work.

Dali embraced Surrealism and rejected hesitations and prejudices, which he claimed hindered his creative power and he had a major passion for grand metaphysical, religious and scientific themes and this museum will provide you with a detailed look at the creative process that produced some of Salvador Dali's most famous works.

Yet this is a unique collection of original sculptures and graphics by Salvador Dali, the Catalan master, and is the only place in France dedicated to him and although this is a very little known museum, Espace Dali can be a pleasant escape from the crowds of Montmartre.

It has a great atmosphere for all the family and even children will be able to recognise the collection of prints, original sculptures and engravings that Salvador Dali made for an illustrated edition of Alice in Wonderland.

The Espace Dali Museum is located in the middle of the Montmartre village and is not directly accessible by Tour Bus, but there is a tour stop for passengers located at the bottom of the Butte Montmartre, which is on Boulevard Rochechouart.  And so, by going up the hill of the Sacre Coeur, which can be negotiated by stairs or funicular, then turning left at the top and following the direction of Place du Tertre, you will find the museum situated behind this and it is open all year round from 10am through to 6pm.

Address & Contact Details:

L'Espace Dali
11 Rue Poulbot

Telephone: 1 42 64 40 10

L'Espace Dali Museum

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