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Folies Bergère Music Hall In Paris

The Folies Bergère is a Parisian music hall that has offered the residents of Paris well over a century of entertainment and this cabaret club is without a doubt one of the most famous cabaret's in the world.

The architect Plumeret originally built it as an opera house and it was designed after the Alhambra music hall in London.  When it first opened in the May of 1869, it was called the Folies Trévise but the Duc de Trévise, who was a prominent nobleman, did not want people thinking that he was associated with this place.  So in the September of 1872 it changed its name to the Folies Bergère after a nearby street, the Rue Bergère and of course this name has stayed the same ever since.

Folies Bergere Paris

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Folies Bergère Music Hall In Paris

When it opened there were lots of different types of acts from operettas through to comedy acts, singers and acrobatic acts, but it was in the 1920's that the Folies Bergère became more of an international phenomenon and at the height of its fame.

Situated in the 9th Arondissement of Paris this venue has seen its fair share of famous people that have performed here.  In the 1890's the American dancer Loie Fuller starred at the Folies Bergère and then in 1926 Joséphine Baker became an overnight sensation at the Folies Bergère with her 'banana dance', where she wore a skirt made of bananas but little else.

Other performers at the Folies Bergère that you may well recognise have included Maurice Chevalier, Charlie Chaplin, Edith Piaf and Benny Hill.

Also, the painter Édouard Manet immortalised this venue in his famous canvas "Bar at the Folies Bergère", which was one of the places he used to go with friends.

There has always been a great programme at the Folies Bergère and because of this, it is still running today and has become almost like a way of life for the French and especially the Parisians and tourists that visit this venue every year.

A dinner and show at Les Folies Bergère will make an unforgettable evening whilst you are on holiday in Paris, and the dinner is at 7pm, followed by the show at 9.15pm.

The Folies Bergère now has a show that is more like a Broadway style musical or a variety show and there is always one main star performing, but it still has the traditional formula of a sweetly titillating show accompanied by high-end food and drink, with a charming atmosphere.

The purchase of tickets can be done by telephone and at the music hall itself from 10am through to 6pm daily.  You can also book online or at any point of sale networks such as Carrefour.

The nearest Metro stops to the Folies Bergère are the Grands Boulevards on line 8 or 9 or the Cadet on line 7.  Now please bear in mind that this venue is closed on Mondays and does get extremely busy especially at certain times of the year, so it is an idea to book well in advance, especially if you have certain seating positions you would wish to opt for.

Address & Contact Details:

Folies Bergère
32 Rue Richer

Reservations Telephone: 0892 68 16 50 - €0.34 per minute
Information Telephone: 1 44 79 98 98

Folies Bergère Music Hall

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