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History and Events of Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame de Paris

Construction of the Notre Dame Cathedral began in 1163, during the reign of King Louis VII.

In 1185 Heraclius of Caesarea called for the Third Crusade from this monumental place, even though the Notre Dame Cathedral was still incomplete.

In the year 1239, The Crown of Thorns was placed in the cathedral by St. Louis during the construction of Sainte-Chapelle.

Notre Dame Cathedral

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History and Events of Notre Dame de Paris

Philip the Fair opened the first States-General in 1302.

The whole Notre Dame cathedral was completed around the year 1345.

On 16 December 1431, Henry VI of England was crowned King of France at Notre Dame Church.

On 7 November 1455, Isabelle Romee, the mother of Joan of Arc, petitions a papal delegation to overturn her daughter's conviction for heresy.

It was on 24 April 1558 that Mary I of Scotland was married to the Dauphin Francois at the Notre Dame.  He was the son of Henry II of France and later became Francois II of France.

Again another marriage takes place.  This time between Henry of Navarre, who later became King Henry IV of France, and Marguerite de Valois, on 18 August 1572.

It was on the 2nd of December in 1804, after the anointing by Pope Pius VII, Napoleon seizes the crown from the pontiff and crowns himself emperor, then Josephine.

After a heavy competition against the 500 most talented organ players of the era, eventually Louis Vierne was chosen as the official Notre Dame organist in 1900. 

In 1909, the historical figure Joan of Arc was beatified, and was then canonised on the 16 May 1920.

On 2 June 1937, Louis Vierne died at the Notre Dame cathedral organ, which was his life-long wish and you can even view some of his music notes at the Musee de Notre Dame de Paris, along with one of the old church organs on display.

The Te Deum Mass took place in the Notre Dame cathedral to celebrate the liberation of Paris, on 26 August 1944, but according to some accounts, snipers were shooting from both the internal and external galleries which interrupted the Mass.

The Requiem Mass of General Charles de Gaulle was held on the 12th of November 1970.

After the Magnificat of this day, Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass on the parvis in front of the cathedral on 31 May 1980.

The Requiem Mass for Francois Mitterrand was held in January 1996.

On 10 August 2007, the Requiem Mass of Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger, archbishop emeritus of Paris, was held.

History and Events of Notre Dame de Paris

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