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France Travel Guide to Ile-De-France Province

Ile-De-France is one of the regions in France where there are many places to visit and activities to enjoy when you travel in France.

History of Ile de France

It really all started in on 4 February 1959 when the District of the Paris Region (district de la région de Paris) was created by a government decree.

This creation was a failure, due to a lack of cooperation from the communes and the départements of the Paris region, which refused to send their representatives to the district council.


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History on Ile-De-France Province of France

However on 2 August 1961 the District of the Paris Region was re-created with the same name, but this time by a statute (bill) voted by the French Parliament.  The limits of this new District of the Paris Region were exactly the same as the current Île-de-France région.

The district council of the aborted 1959 District of the Paris Region was replaced by a Board of Trustees (conseil d'administration), half of whose members were appointed by the French government, the other half by the local communes and départements.

The executive of the district was a civil servant and the Delegate General for the District of the Paris Region (délégué général au district de la région de Paris) was appointed by the French government.

On 10 August 1966 there was the creation of the Prefecture of the Paris Region (préfecture de la région parisienne), whose limits corresponded exactly to the current Île-de-France région.  The Delegate General for the District of the Paris Region was made Prefect of the Paris Region, holding both offices at the same time.

Shortly afterwards (on 17 December 1966 to be precise!) known in French as the "district de la région de Paris" was renamed "district de la région parisienne" (being the same meaning in English!!).

Yet it wasn't until 6 May 1976 that the District of the Paris Region was transformed into the Île-de-France région, thus aligning the status of the Paris Region with that of other French régions, which had already possessed their status since 1972.

The Prefecture of the Paris Region was renamed Prefecture of Île-de-France.

The former Board of Trustees was replaced by a regional council, 70% of whose members were the representatives of the départements and communes of Île-de-France, while the remaining 30% were chosen by the Members of the French Parliament whose constituencies lay inside Île-de-France.

The regional council elected a president, whose executive powers were limited.  The office of Delegate General was abolished.

It is said that President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing personally insisted on choosing the name "Île-de-France" for the région, instead of the one used "région parisienne" ("Paris Region").

Île-de-France was the name of the historical province that existed before the French Revolution, but the name had long since fallen out of use.

Today, many people and even some official institutions still continue to use the name "région parisienne" instead of the official "Île-de-France".

History on Ile-De-France Province of France

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