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Le Batofar Quayside Concerts In Paris France

Le Batofar means lighthouse boat in English and that is exactly what this place is, as it is a restored bateau-feu, which was a boat that patrolled waters after dark and it is the in place to go for techno fans in Paris.

But you will not be doing any travelling in it, as it is permanently moored, however, you can enjoy DJ's playing sounds that range from house, techno, jazz, rock, soul and many more until the very early hours.

Le Batofa In Paris

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Le Batofar Quayside Concerts In Paris France

Music fans flock to Le Batofar, where they can even get to see internationally recognised DJ's who play at this venue, plus there are also live music nights as well, but depending upon your taste of music it is advisable to check out the programme prior to turning up.

Talking of turning up, the boat is actually moored on the left bank of the River Seine in the 13th Arrondissement of Paris near to the Biblioth?que Nationale and opposite the Quai Francois Mauriac.

The venue has been running for a few years now and has grown in popularity over this time, so if you would like to dance until dawn, then this has got to be the place to visit.  However, the Batofar can only hold a limited number of people due to safety regulations, so it is advisable to get there early, as you could end up waiting for people to leave before you are allowed in.

It is a cosy and really original place and as well as drinks at the bar, you can also have dinner or just snacks and then you would go downstairs to the dance area and so many people comment that this is not your typical disco and pick up place, as people feel they can even attend this venue on their own without getting hassled.

This red lightship has a varied programme that includes weeks dedicated to a specific theme, such as Barcelona or Budapest along with fantastic weekend quayside concerts throughout the summer, also in the summer, you can stay on the decks of the boat or on the shore and have a couple of glasses of wine, whilst listening to great music.  In fact, during the afternoons in the summer, people even come to Le Batofar with their children to experience the varied mix of people from young to old. 

There is no actual real dress code, as everyone is very casual and in the summer it can even extend to the Ibiza look!

As you can imagine, the dance floor always sees lots of action and the bars take care of the all-important liquid refreshment with very friendly bar staff, yet this venue is becoming even more popular, especially at weekends where you can find long queues and a long wait to get in, whereas during the weekdays it is no where near as busy.

This is definitely an alternative to the norm, which is open on a Tuesday to Sunday from 6pm through to 3 or 4am, depending upon the amount of people and in summer months is open in the afternoons.  However, Le Batofar is closed on a Monday and also closed from November to March although they have been doing a December, Christmas and New Year gig, but obviously this is something that would need to be checked and booked!

Address & Contact Details:

Le Batofar
Face au 11
Quai Fran?ois-Mauriac

Telephone: 1 53 60 17 30

Le Batofar In Paris

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