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Le Hammam Turkish Baths In Paris

Le Hammam are the Turkish baths that are situated in La Mosquee de Paris monument, which was the first ever mosque built in France and these are open to the general public for those that want a bit of pampering, especially if you have been on a sight seeing tour around the City of Lights.

When you pass through the doors of the Hammam, the culture and heritage of the Byzantine era presents itself, which is a delight for both the body plus the mind and soul.

In a physically and mentally soothing atmosphere that is designed for a relaxing time with friends, as they have days dedicated to women and others for men, you will be surrounded by the beautiful marble steam room, lots of mosaics and columns, plus a fountain to create the perfect ambience.

Le Hammam

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Le Hammam Turkish Baths In Paris

Located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, La Mosquee de Paris was originally constructed in the 1920's, but is still the main place of worship for Muslims in Paris today, but you may like to know that this mosque is also situated behind the modern building that houses the Institut du Monde Arab, where you can discover a museum, exhibitions and a library. 

However, even though visitors are allowed to take a tour of this beautiful mosque, the prayer hall is only accessible to those who worship Allah, but the Hammam and other areas of the mosque such as the Café Maure de la Mosquée are all open to tourists and people of other religions.

This has definitely got to be the place to go if you feel like you need to relax and pamper yourself, as there are a traditional set of steam baths, which get hotter and hotter as you progress, and they allow for the sweating out all of the toxins that you may have by over indulging on too many delicious meals when experiencing the many cafes, bistros and restaurants in Paris.

You will need to make sure that you bring your own bathing supplies, but towels and dressing gowns can be purchased for use and we would like to point out that most women will only wear bikini bottoms, although you can wear a full bathing suit, but this is why, especially with religious beliefs, that men and women have entirely separate times.

Le Hammam at La Mosquee de Paris is a popular place to meet up with friends, relax and gossip and if you are going to be in Paris for a while, then rather than you paying a one off fee each time you visit, you can also purchase a Membership at discount pricing.

Also, you can opt for different sessions that include a body scrub, a massage and even hair removal, plus of course, the all-important mint tea.

Now as of 2008 the entrance into Le Hammam was 15€ and women were permitted on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10am through to 9pm and men were allowed on a Tuesday from 2pm through to 9pm and on a Sunday from 10am through to 9pm.

A massage was a cost of 10€ for ten minutes and going up by the same amount for the same time frame extra, however, if you wanted their traditional soft soap, this is an additional 2€.

The staff at the Hammam can also do a body scrub for 10€ and there is also the opportunity for hair removal including legs, arms and bikini line, plus they supply a lip wax service as well.

There are also some set price options available, such as the entrance, a body scrub, a ten-minute massage, the soft soap and a mint tea for 38€.

However, you can also opt for a more pampered time and go for what is called the Oriental Formula.  This includes the entrance, a body scrub, a ten-minute massage, the soft soap, a mint tea plus either a lamb couscous or a lamb tagine, a drink and a mint tea for only 58€.

Address Details

Le Hammam
La Mosquee de Paris
39 Rue Saint-Hilaire
Ile de France

Hammam Turkish Baths In Paris

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