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Le Lido de Paris or The Lido Cabaret Show in Paris

Le Lido de Paris is without a doubt one of the most famous cabarets in the world, which is positioned on one of the most beautiful avenues in the world, and it is most recognised for the gorgeous Bluebell Girls.

But the Lido has always been a venue for the finest shows with famous names that include Shirley Macleine, Laurel and Hardy and Elton John to name but a few who have performed at the Lido.

Le Lido de Paris

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Le Lido de Paris

The Lido would not be as it is today if it had not been for the vision of the Clerico brothers, Joseph and Louis who acquired the Lido, Plage de Paris in 1946.  They transformed it into a luxury setting and their vision of a cabaret with dinner show was soon being copied worldwide.

Born Margaret Kelly in Ireland, Miss Bluebell joined the Lido in 1948 and the talented and renowned Bluebell Girls are at the heart of the cabaret's reviews even today.

It was in the year 1946 that Joseph and Louis Clerico took over a venue that had been fashionable in the 1920's with decor that was inspired by the Lido beach in Venice.  They transformed this venue into a one-of a kind cabaret with the help of Pierre-Louis Guerin, Rene Frady and Miss Bluebell where they invented the dinner show format.

Due to its continued success through the years the Lido needed to expand and in 1977 the cabaret moved to the Normandie Building, but making sure that they were still situated on the famous Avenue de Champs Elysees

It was the Italian architects Giorgio Vecchia and Franco Bartoccini who transformed the 6,000 square metre space into a panoramic room that would offer an uninterrupted view of the shows, and perfect visibility from all of the 1,150 seats available in the Lido.

The new Lido venue opened its doors in the March of 1977 and the theatre was designed without having any beams, to ensure the uninterrupted view and for this feat to happen, there is a 45 metre long pre-stressed concrete beam that provides the necessary load bearing support.

Also there is a giant elevator that allows the orchestra section, where 300 guests dine, to sink 80 centimetres into the floor to further improve visibility.

It was at this time that Christian Clerico succeeded his father Joseph as manager of France's largest entertainment company.  Today, Carl Clerico, grandson of Joseph and Frank Clerico, son of Louis run the Lido, which is still kept as a family business.

You can enjoy an exceptional evening at the Lido and get completely absorbed in the review that has the famous Bluebell Girls, see breathtaking scenes, a real ice rink, 23 sets and 600 sumptuous costumes and Le Lido is now even more spectacular than ever before.

The evening will start with a meal at 7.30pm and then you can get to see the cabaret show at either 9.30pm or 11.30pm.

But as well as evening shows, the Lido now holds matinee shows where you can enjoy lunch and the show, rather than a full evening meal but the meals are worth the money with a subtle blend of traditional and prestigious French cuisine combines with innovative flair and are prepared by the house chef, with his team of 35 cooks and pastry cooks

However you can also opt for just champagne and show, which works out a lot less expensive.

You will be pleased to know that The Lido is accessible for the disabled and children above the age of four can attend the shows.

This unique Paris cabaret will fulfil you with enchantment combined with prestige and is open every day of the year.

Address & Contact Details:

Le Lido de Paris
116 Bis, Avenue des Champs-Elys?es

Telephone: 1 40 76 56 00

The Lido Cabaret in Paris
Lido Cabaret in Paris
Cabaret in Paris Lido

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